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[Music] hello and welcome and welcome back to my youtube channel in this video I’m going to be sharing the solid golden tips that I have used to reach 500,000 subscribers I’m going to be sharing the things that helped me the most the things that have set me back and wasted my time in this video is just so important for any person that is striving to do well on YouTube and kind of just want some tips to lead them in the right path so as you guys know my channel has grown a lot recently especially in May and I’m so grateful for that and it’s just been crazy to see that growth after just so many years of work and I’m so grateful for it and I don’t ever think I take it for granted because I appreciate it so much I just appreciate every single person I watched my videos so without further ado let’s get on into the video so the first thing I’m going to be sharing is something that I wasted so much time on and that is commenting on other small youtubers videos I’m not going to be telling you to stop commenting on your friends videos or videos that you enjoy

but I used to share it as a growth technique if you guys go watch my old videos on how to grow YouTube channel I feel like I actually mislead people in a way because I would tell them oh if you comment on 200 videos the next day you’ll come back with 40 new subscribers and yes it did work but was it effective and a good use of your time no marketing is important but I used to spend like an hour a day just marketing my channel when that really wasn’t the thing that was gonna get me to 50,000 subscribers maybe this method can get you to a few thousand but it’s not gonna get you anywhere in the long run I just want every single small youtuber you know that it’s such a waste of your time 99% of my subscribers that I gain now are from the actual content and I know that it’s easier said than done I swear that you can grow organically when I stop commenting on videos my channel really started doing well number two and this is so important especially for any new youtubers is make either educational or extremely entertaining videos I know that some people will just start youtube for memories and if it’s just for memories and maybe you don’t

need to watch this video and I love storing my memories in YouTube and the money side of YouTube’s also kind of the bonus part for me to do what I love but I’ve always wanted to strive and thrive on YouTube making educational content or extremely funnier entertaining content is what you need to do because you want to make content for other people to watch other people want to watch like if you’re making like a weekend with my brothers vlog maybe that’ll do well if you make it entertaining and like aesthetic but nine times out of ten it won’t do very well so think about what people are searching for what people want this is an educational video so I think it’ll be something that a lot more people are interested in there may be a vlog with my siblings experiment this is so important and then this actually helped me with my channel so much this is the reason why I was able to hit 50k and again I’m so grateful I’ve always started YouTube just wanting to be a lifestyle youtuber I wanted to go so far with lifestyle I wanted to blow up from a morning routine video and I thought that was all that I had in store for myself and I haven’t making lifestyle videos for four years I’ve

been grinding so much at it I’ve spent hours making these videos but when I only really started seeing results and views business just in general is when I made a commentary video my first commentary video took me like less than two hours to put together and most my lifestyle videos it took me five hours but I actually drove people to my channel and it kind of opened new windows free like maybe I can just sit in front of a camera and talk and I’m still gonna be doing my lifestyle videos and I care about them so much there’s still so fun for me even if they don’t do as well as commentary videos but I kind of just opened up a big window for me again if I workout video that did super well too and I’m so grateful for that as well but now I know that people like workout videos I should do more of those I know it’s important to have a niche but when you were a small youtuber don’t be afraid to experiment with new things because I get it if you have like a hundred K subscribers and they all came for relationship advice and you start doing sport videos that could not go the best ways but if you were a small channel take advantage that you’re not turning like millions of people away it’s crazy to me to see what content I’m

making right now number four is post at least two times a week I used to think that hosting once a week was so amazing I was like I’m posting so much and I know that you’re busy you have schedule but if you really want to make it on YouTube make sure to post at least two times a week sometimes I feel like posting two times a week isn’t even enough because people on the internet are addicted I’m addicted to YouTube – you need a creator that will quench your thirst and just give you content that you can binge and that’s another great thing about desdemona like my favorite youtubers should make super long videos and she uploads often so I can just always be watching her videos that keeps people on your channel satisfied and just they subscribe for a reason but make sure to keep your quality up and every single time you upload a video that is exposure through a channel that is a chance to blow up one of those videos could blow up you know and posting one time per week compared to two times a week that’s a pretty big difference okay in a year if you upload a fifty two times that’s fifty two chances to blow up but if you post one hundred and four times in a year that’s a 104 chances to

blow up so I would definitely think about it that way five make popular content at the right time this one has also helped me a lot basically when I made my diversity video I made that video because I was really passionate about it and I wanted to come and message right out like right out you know I wanted people to hear it and I remember absolutely inspired by it ski shoots video and I posted mine like two days after hers and that was good timing I wasn’t late to that not trend but a lot of people made videos on this but some people made a video like one week after hers some people have different reasons for making that video some people are super genuine about it some people I don’t know but but it’s really all about your timing like for example Joanna said here the reason why she blew up is because right when Emma’s chamberlain’s merch was rising she made a video right at that perfect time so she kind of slid her video into that trend rise so that her video ended up doing really well because that was what people were searching for at that time when you’re gonna do a popular trend do it at the right time like if I were to right now post a

letting the person in front of me to say about it eat for a day it would not do as well now compared to maybe like a month ago number six and this one is so important and I want to make multiple videos on this it’s have a strong camera presence I’m still learning and I’m trying to have a strong camera presence and I have been doing YouTube for four years I’m not really gonna compare myself to any may be newer youtubers because it’s hard to talk to another camera and feel normal feel not mentally insane I know it’s hard and I’ve been doing it for four years I’ve had a lot of practice at it I know that not a lot of people have it’s a lot of you are scared to start a channel because they think they’re gonna be awkward and not know what to say and honestly I would suggest just practicing in front of your mirror filming a video and you don’t have to post that video you can edit it just practice I think that every single time I’m in front of a camera I grow more comfortable with it so it’s all about the practice and just having that confidence in yourself you need to know that what you’re saying is important even if it’s not people do not want to watch someone that is unconfident because if you’re trying to convince something of someone or sell a product to someone and you don’t even believe in

yourself then how do you expect them to believe in you so you have to be confident on the camera and don’t speak super quietly or like like no one will be able to listen to you you have to use a strong voice and I have actually watched a few YouTube videos on this about how to have a stronger presence on the camera it was from a Nick nimman and he was explaining about you know having a little bit of a deeper voice or kind of just getting into that warm part of your voice that really projects and I think it makes it so much easier people that take you seriously and listen to you because they don’t have to be like did you see that word like they can clearly understand what you’re saying and the point you’re trying to get out and I could talk so much about tagging your videos and titles and thumbnails and if you guys want a video I’m not and what’s up and do one but I just want to say in general for tip number seven is that thumbnails are so so important guys I used to not really care about my thumbnails I could get like a cute picture put some text on it but lately I’ve really been working thumbnails I make like multiple thumbnail options I asked my friends

which ones better because I have truly found that I cannot settle for a thumbnail a thumbnail is something that people see first or the second time they click on your channel and for example I’m going to show you guys I’ve made two options for my middle school get ready with me so this is option number one this is option number two and I think number two looks so much better and that could really affect who clicks on your video and how many people click on your video for example I made this thumbnail me and my friend Radhika and I love her to death and I love this picture but like the contrast is like too high or like I mean many versions of it and I can never make it look good so then today I redid that thumbnail and I made it meet my friend Haley like at the beach and I kind of just fit the theme of the video more and the lighting just looks so much better in it and I feel really in fact two clicks in your video so never settle for your thumbnails cuz there are a lot more important than you might think and experiment with different types of thumbnails I have found the lots of popular videos on my channel kind of have the same thumbnail theme so that has told me a lot about how people click on certain designs what

works best for me so it’s all about experimenting a/b testing and looking at your data and kind of looking at that and knowing what to implement in your future videos because you’ve seen what does well and what doesn’t work well if you guys want to see another advice to you like this but about the business side of YouTube I will totally do that so please let me know down below if this video gets to 10,000 likes I will do a video on the business side of YouTube and kind of just how that works out and if you guys really want to learn a lot of key tips that I’ve used on my channel just look at the card up there watch my playlists on YouTube I also have a video about video ideas that will blow up and now I want a super important so go check out that one because I will help you with your channel a lot and with a lot of those twice a week uploads because you’ll need ideas don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe down below and I’ll see you guys in the next one thank you know 


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