32 Ways to Promote Your Website (with little to NO Money)

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good morning from sunny downtown toronto my name is christopher a hughes a stands for arthur co-founder of a web development company named a nerds world and in today’s video i’m going to teach you 32 damn near free ways to promote your new website or any website i suppose let’s jump into today’s video [Music] [Music] so for those that don’t know i’m currently the co-founder of a nerd’s world i’ll leave a link in the description below but prior to this i owned and operated my own e-commerce business on a very shoestring budget i had next to no money i had all the drive and passion in the world but getting traffic to my website was very difficult so i basically tried everything for those that don’t know my story i quit my job because i wanted to go all in and dedicate every waking minute into my ecommerce business because i wanted to get rich i saw

stories i heard stories of it i knew it was possible and the only difference between extreme poverty and extreme wealth was generating traffic to my website so i tried everything possible in today’s video i’m going to walk you through very quickly 32 easy simple damn near free ways for you to promote your website and if you’re a web development company owner why not share this video with new websites that you launched so you just launched a website you thank your client thank you for the opportunity to work on your website as a going away gift take a look at chris’s video this is going to be ways that you can build this website into a successful business no fluff and let’s jump into today’s list number one the simplest way to generate traffic free of charge is friends and family and let them know you have a new website and you’d love for them to visit it now 2020 you know our friends and family are not always in our bloodline but by simply reaching out to them with a dm and saying jeanette remember me from elementary school well i just launched this new business here’s my website take a look let me

know what you think next reddit and quora so reddit in quora are very similar it’s basically a questions and answers type website first and foremost let me be upfront i do not want you to spam the world wide web the world does not need any additional spam what i want you to do is educate those and answer the type of questions that you feel comfortable answering in helping the person looking for assistance and in return i want you to leave a little tiny link to your website this is a huge way and i’m very soon i’m going to shoot a whole video on 101 reddit marketing because i think this is a hugely untapped method of generating traffic so very quickly i can come here and i own a web development business so i can type something like website design and i can start reading these questions and if i feel like there’s a question that i can genuinely answer in a positive way that could help others i do so and in return in the signature i

leave a link to my website or one of these youtube videos so three days ago uh i answer a question regarding backlinks and the importance of them here i talk about seo three days ago this is a common practice for me i’ve been in business a long time and hey i’m very rich and i’m still spending the time to generate traffic to my website as you’ll see here’s a link i’m linking to my youtube channel here’s a link i’m linking to my youtube channel sometimes it’s the website sometimes it’s a channel very easy way and quora is very similar set up an account and just spend some time participating in conversations easy free way to get traffic i got 12 000 visitors to my website and the us actually generates more traffic to my website and a lot of that comes down to the simple free blog post that i’m creating trying your best to post one blog per month and as you see the momentum and the traffic is coming to your website because of your blog post it’s going to motivate you to do more and more often promote your blog post on social media so simply creating a blog that’s like

the first step step two is then going to facebook and twitter and sharing that information so if i open up twitter when i post when i post a new blog on my website or a youtube video what i do is i come and just share that information and what you’ll see is i’ll get a like or a share or a retweet or a message and all these social signals are generating traffic to my website so i do not want you to drop the ball and stop at creating the post if you just create a blog post and there’s no promotion you are not going to generate traffic to your website i’m the introvert that created a youtube channel about three years ago and was scared sitting in front of this camera i didn’t know what to say i was uh nervous but everybody has to make that leap that first step when i started this channel it was for my clients i feel like i kept getting the same repeated questions over and over again from clients when we finished the website so i said hey let me create some content like how to promote your new website

create it in video format share it on my blog and share it with my actual clients that’s the actual reason why i started this channel now i’ve become addicted and statistics are doing it it’s generating traffic it’s giving me high rankings on my own website through seo all because i’ve become the authority make that first step in creating free content that’s going to educate people from around the world forget about selling your service or product just educate with the youtube channel and if you were to pull my stats very quickly let’s look at them while we’re here let’s look at the stats and i should hit 18 500 today if you look at my stats let’s take a quick look so uh an overview of views in the last 28 days 48.1 000 people looked at this youtube channel or one of my videos in the last 28 days in total i have 1.6 million views i have 127 000 hours of watch time um 18.5 000 subscribers

and i just started my revenue like my ad monetization around christmas of last year so had i’ve had that monetization of the whole time i’d probably have about i don’t know 40 50 000 for now that’s my number youtube is great it’s free takes takes a little time and effort you do not need a lot of equipment or expertise stand in front of the camera hit the red button and get started today email marketing so you can either collect emails on your website but if you’re not getting any traffic to your website not too many people are going to enter to their email so what i want you to do is look at email marketing in a different way any of your past clients i want you to remarket to them so if you sell a product and you know john in alaska likes white cotton socks and he purchased three months ago i want you to reach out to them again like hey john how are you enjoying your socks i want to give you a special deal here’s a discount and or i have a new product that i’m trying to promote take a look

tell me what you think or ask them to look at your blog post maybe you have a blog teaching people the difference between cotton and polyester socks or why cotton socks are best in the winter or so on and so forth submit to free local directories simple and stupid so just go on google look how simple this is go to google and type in free free local directories go through this list look the next one says the top 100 so i mean you can sit here and just start manually updating now if you don’t think that you need to do the leg work this is what is required in order to generate traffic to your website it might seem repetitive it might seem menial but all of these little things together are helping generate traffic to your website so simply go through once again and then go to the next one look at this the top 100 online business directories to list your website how much more simple does it get than that and just go through and start

submitting your website manually to all of these next seo if you’ve seen my channel i’m crazy passionate about seo seo is my god thank you seo you’ve brought me so much money and happiness and without you i’d be a grumpy old possibly homeless man seo has helped me immensely and i can’t tell you how how grateful i am so if you are scared of the word seo because you think this is something that’s going to take six years to do or it’s impossible or you don’t have the time or the knowledge seo is something you need to start dedicating time to my channel i have many playlists which i share seo for beginners seo for dummies and it’s like a step by step on what you need to do and seo is like going to the gym okay so i’m overweight i’m out of shape no question i don’t look at like arnold schwarzenegger and say oh i want to be like him what i need to do is take time out of the equation and slowly start working my way into a healthier lifestyle so with

seo it’s no different you don’t need to look at the biggest players in the game and say well i cannot compete with them what i want you to do is take small steps okay small steps learn a little bit do a little bit check the stats see what works best for you and don’t over strategize or over plan the worst thing in seo is this paralysis by analysis it’s like oh i don’t know seo so where should i start what should i do first and then this cycle of nothing continues on and on and you never get any work done and you’re not getting rankings and just you’ve given up on seo today is the day you need to start thinking and learning a little bit about seo and trying it out because it will help you gain success online next submit to the media rather than be long-winded i’m gonna link somewhere at the top here a link to a video i created just on this it’s like how to submit your business to the media without a pr agent public relations agent simple i’ve done it it worked so well for me

it’s as simple as this create a story submit the story to a news outlet and get published free of charge i’ve been published on tv newspapers magazines you name it i’ve done it and it’s all because i’ve put in the work i’ve hustled my way into these newspapers there hasn’t been one one single circumstance in which they reached out to me and said hey chris you’re an interesting individual and we would like to feature you on our newspaper it doesn’t work like that if it’s i’m not justin bieber right so because i know i’m not justin bieber i need to do the legwork and get in front of those people looking to publish articles on the type of topic that i create next facebook groups now let’s open up facebook here’s my facebook so when for example here are groups that i participated look you’ll see a common thread self-employment seo

toronto entrepreneurship small business owners web development web or digital marketing tips web design share and promote so look i’m a participant in about 100 different groups and i often go in i say what’s up i start conversations but i also use those avenues to promote my website and my content so don’t go in there and spam the world wide web once again you will be hated nobody wants that type of friend in the crowd what i want you to do is participate hey guys what’s up how’s your day going what’s the three biggest problems you’re having in your business today uh do you have any simple questions on seo that i can answer get the communication flowing and then in return you’re going to build a brand online and people will work their way to your website to find out more information once you’ve gotten to the point of you’re creating decent blogs and you do not need to be the one that creates the blogs i’ll tell you what when i started out i’m a horrible writer so i would write something and i would submit it to a copywriter and let them clean it up i’ve also shot

videos like this and let a copywriter watch the video and write it so that i can add the text to my blog so i’m not personally writing it myself but i’m the one coming up with the content so guest blogging is as simple as this once you have good content and people are enjoying it you need to reach out to other websites and say would you be interested in featuring my blog on your website so you’re networking with other similar industries and businesses online in sharing information and you’ll find a lot of good information on guest blogging here on youtube just youtube it how do i guest blog you’ll get the answers next signature branding so when you write an email at the bottom of the email you need to have your name your position and you should have links to social media and your website i know this seems simple but being user friendly where somebody is reading your email and they can very quickly click on your website is often overlooked creating a free resource so on my youtube channel for example sometimes i’ll give away some free content

like a website contract and here’s a link to the video and if you go to the description you click on it that click goes to my website i’ve created a free tool or a free resource for others i’m not making any money from it okay i’m not gonna sell any of the people that come to my website are not gonna hire me for my service and i’m okay with that i want to become the authority and my goal is to get as much traffic to my website as humanly possible and that’s it that’s the reason for it free resource free tool on your website will generate traffic and it will keep the people coming back pinterest set up a board on pinterest if i’m promoting seo in toronto i can create an seo in toronto board on pinterest i can add photos of infographics related to seo in the description under every photo and i can leave a link to my website my seo page very simple way to get traffic to your website now for the next two which is 15 and 16 it’s ebay and etsy this is more relative to those that are

trying to sell a product like e-commerce you’re trying to sell underwears or hats or t-shirts you need to also look at alternative ways we could add amazon in there alternative ways to be found so you’re not openly promoting on ebay and etsy although you could build a brand and people will google the brand so if i started selling nerd glasses i can create an etsy and ebay account selling nerd glasses and my branded name on ebay and etsy would be a nerd’s world and people will find it people will google they want to see more if they like the product that you’re selling top top 100 web 2.0 so what i want you to do is i simply want you to go join up to these web 2.0s set up the same profile photo your same nap name address phone number and link to your website whenever possible so here look at that look how simple this is here’s a list of web 2.0s i’m giving you guys the answers to all the questions

simply go in and start signing up simple and easy and free message boards is very similar to when we talked about this in the step number two which was reddit and quora just join message boards participate in conversations and add little links in either your signature or direct a user to your blog post remember stay authentic stay white hat number 19 is signage this is the very first out of all these items that we talked about that actually cost a tiny little bit of money myself when i started my t-shirt company i had a decent looking bmw a z3 i put a little vinyl sticker on either side that i literally had my domain name it wasn’t overwhelming on my car it was yellow and my car was green the yellow vinyl on green car www.mydomainname.com and that would generate traffic so i mean use what you have next referrals pick up the phone any of your previous clients or prospects give them a call say hey

i’ve just updated my website i have three new services or products i’d love for you to see do you have a few minutes to take a look referrals somebody that’s already worked with you and now you’re trying to promote your website or service or product to them again also while you have them on the phone say you know it’s a great pleasure working with you do you have any friends or family that might be interested in my service i would greatly appreciate a referral or a recommendation now that seems like you’re really reaching right it feels like you’re reaching i when i started this business of web development that’s how i financially survived i had no issue if i built a good relationship with a client to say can you give me a referral it works do it flyers and stickers i love both i love print marketing i am the old dinosaur that still loves printing a sticker and popping it on a wall now some of you guys over there that are within a certain box are gonna say chris you know you’re harming you’re harming the world right we don’t need any other stickers and i say that’s fine

okay cry cry me a river i need to survive in business i need to succeed and i don’t have any moral issue in using flyers and stickers to do so so i mean literally printing marketing material and getting it out there cold call pick up the phone and call people that might be interested in your service or product and how do you know who’s going to be interested in your service or product you don’t know so you pick up the phone and you make an educated guess and you call so once again when you call if i’m selling the service of web development and i call all the restaurants in the neighborhood that i normally eat at and say hey restaurant for example downstairs there’s a restaurant called the morning after i go once a week i can call morning after hey morning after i come to your restaurant all the time food’s great i notice your website’s outdated can i send you a link to some of my portfolio with pricing maybe we can work out some kind of agreement where i build you a new website is that something you’re interested in get the email and then submit the email with a link to your website

easy networking events now we’re in the midst of covid19 nobody’s going to network events but in the next three to six months things will start to change so there are entrepreneurship meetups there are web development meetups there’s meetups for absolutely everything create a google calendar in which you add networking events so as you hear about them as you do your research you add so you know when they are what you should wear and where you should be that’s where you’re going to network with other individuals hand out business cards at those events and build your network number 24 is carry a damn business card how much more simple could it be than this so when i’m in uber i’m talking to my uber i’m i’m selling my service as i’m talking and not blatantly but i mean i’m telling them i’ll ask the uber oh this is neat how long have you been doing uber do you do any other side businesses oh that’s great that’s great oh i own a web development company here’s my card if any of your riders ever need a website you know send

them to me i’ll give you a little cash on the side i appreciate that and that’s not just uber that’s being in the elevator that’s walking down the street that’s when i’m at a restaurant that’s when i see an old friend from high school i haven’t seen i’m like hey john is your name john i think you were in my class oh yeah you’re a real cool guy hey by the way i own the nerdsworld.com here’s a business card do you need a website right without being an over-the-top car salesman man i’m proud of my brand and i have no problem in promoting my brand to absolutely every single person i encounter on a daily basis carry a damn business card with you next number 25 is forms and message boards free easy participate answer questions in your signature leave a link to your website number 26 is repeat business i sort of touched upon this in the past but i mean for those that have purchased something from you already a service a product etc reach out to them don’t hesitate to resell to them

next join forces like voltron find similar industries within your neighborhood or your niche and like pull together like voltron so for example i’m a graphic design company we build websites we do seo but a lot of my clients are looking for promotional goods like they might want a logo that we designed on a t-shirt or on a pen or a calendar and we don’t do that so what we did is we partnered with a local print house and said look can you put our advertising in your location because i’m sure a lot of people are looking for websites in graphic design and in return every one of our clients will let them know that we have a special relationship with a printer in the neighborhood that we highly recommend so that’s like voltron you’re pulling the people that do similar jobs but not it’s not a competitor and you’re utilizing each other’s services in order to grow a network number 28 is getting featured so there’s a website called blog to in toronto which is a pretty big website hey anna blogto.com and we reached out

to them for a feature so here’s a nerd’s world on blogto old photos one of my stores i reached out to them so this generated when it was posted in september 26th 2012 huge traffic it got to my website but it was from me manually doing it and let’s say for example you’re with godaddy i see they often promote and put like a a spotlight on companies and small businesses using their hosting so i mean submit to them reach out to them and look for a feature number 29 is apply for awards most of the time when you see awards on a website it’s because they submitted their website for that award so simply figure out your niche or your industry and look for awards that you can submit your website to number 30 is community boards community boards are those physical boards in downtown toronto there’s one on every corner in which i as a community member in business can leave a posted note community boards are also indoors

if you go to university you’ll see community boards so you can always promote your product or service on these type of things qr codes now this might seem a little outdated but through this whole coven 19 i’m seeing a resurgence of qr codes so now when i go to a restaurant instead of a physical menu what i’m doing is i’m pulling my phone and i’m scanning the qr code so this is a great way to generate traffic directly to your website you want to make sure that you understand they’re going to be using a mobile device so it has to go to a mobile responsive beautiful website page but why not use qr codes people do not want to hold your business card or flyer etc they don’t have an issue in scanning your qr code be creative put it on your back walk through a crowded area with a mask on but have a qr code on your back on your front add it on stickers put it on put it everywhere item number 32 is by any means necessary how do you generate traffic to your website

by any means necessary do everything that i said come up with your own creative ideas see what works best for yourself but if you think that you can simply launch a website with a decent product or service sit back and think about the money and the money is just going to come it’s not rude awakening it doesn’t work like that you got to work your ass off to generate traffic to your website in order to see success now this does take time but i wish you much success my name is christopher arthur hughes and i’m happy and i hope you guys are happy too if you’ve enjoyed this video leave a thumbs up subscribe i’m going to shoot a lot more content similar to this i hope you guys have a wonderful day goodbye

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