Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022!

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as marketers we live in a time when changes have been constant and we have had to adapt quickly and effectively to them in marketing new strategies and trends emerge that change how we must draw connect with and sell to our customers however it’s not always enough to just keep pace with these transformations [Music] in upcoming years especially in 2022 we’ll undergo considerable changes due to the roller coaster ride of the pandemics events from the past two years in this video we will discuss what online marketing trends are to come so let’s get started use other pay-per-click platforms when it comes to ppc you probably only think about google ads however this isn’t the only ppc network out there deciding where to invest in advertising can depend on several factors such as platform use bays volume for ad serving

creative opportunities and advertiser budget other ppc platforms such as microsoft ads can give you the advantage of advertising to the remaining one-third of the ppc market and expose a business brand to a different market optimized for mobile mobile devices are king typically a smartphone doesn’t spend more than an hour away from a user’s palm and it is the go-to source for managing day-to-day life seventy percent of paid search impressions occur on mobile devices we encourage you to ensure that your website is mobile optimized incorporate mobile device aspects into your current ppc strategy and keep updated with new trends and features that ppc can offer you when optimizing mobile device users boost results with ai and automation ai can optimize long-tail keywords which is hard to do with rules-based automation

or poorly developed ai automation tools here’s how ai and automation contribute to the cause a b ad testing automated and smart bidding strategies for keywords ad performance based on quality score including ad relevance and ctr estimates and bid recommendations to achieve maximum traffic ai does a great job analyzing data and efficiency supporting how automation works to manage ppc accounts many advertisers benefit from ai and automation to improve strategies to optimize better performance such as ctr bids and targeting include video ads across the globe over 665 billion households own smart tvs with more people staying home due to covid it has become their go-to source of entertainment especially with youtube at number one on the list of channels used what does this mean the idea here is to

create video advertising content to promote brands through the internet this is to be able to display advertising campaigns on different streaming platforms consider voice assistance alexa cortana siri and google i’m sure you use at least two of these voice assistants to perform voice searches from your phone laptop smart device or tv speaking comes more naturally and relatively effortless compared to typing this is why voice search makes perfect sense in fact it’s a very brilliant technological innovation that it’s already altering how we communicate digitally include an ad group that focuses on conversational keywords long tailed keywords and question oriented keywords create shorter video ads six seconds that’s all you have to make a good impression it may seem short but it has become a marketing success 25 percent of adults say they’ll close

out a video after only 10 seconds so if you’re going to advertise ppc video ads then ensuring you stick to short video ads is key to engaging audiences that will convert focus less on sound as a consumer what do you prefer a video on mute by default and captions or going through an embarrassing moment with a video ad playing full blast you’re not alone 66 percent of people say they hate it when video ads automatically play with sound so on top of ensuring your video ads are short you should keep in mind that it should sell a product or service without sound advertise in video games as the kovit 19 pandemic continues it means that gamers will invest more time online playing video games and are more likely to be exposed to in-game display ads more frequently consider the variety of ad formats available throughout the

behavior of gamers interstitial ads during game breaks reward ads win currency for mobile app consumption banner ads traditional banners shown in games takeaways consumers will continue to become more demanding that’s why it’s best to start adapting alternative advertising methods experiment measure and ensure that they work it’s essential to be aware of what trends are coming up in the future so you can prepare for them now and stay ahead of the competition as a marketer you must continue to adapt and find ways to cater to the growing demands of your consumers to prepare yourself and your business for future surprises keep these trends in mind if you have a winning strategy use it that’s it for today remember to subscribe to our youtube channel and activate the notification spell see you again soon



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