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what is the biggest myth on the internet the idea that blogging for your business is easy fact check says false the truth is running a blog as an inbound marketing tool takes as much effort as any other part of your business in fact the average blog post takes just under four hours to write according to a recent study that’s a substantial investment especially if you blog with regularity but for that investment the return can be big businesses that blog can get 55 more web traffic than those that don’t and 67 more leads per month no wonder 59 of b2b marketers consider blogs to be their most valuable channel what’s up jamal from hubspot this video is going to teach you everything you need to know to run an effective blog for your business along with a few tricks for doing it efficiently if you find this content useful be sure to like the video and subscribe to the hubspot youtube channel now before you start writing your first blog entry it’s a good idea to understand a bit of how blogs work to bring you and customers many marketers use blocks to

improve the company’s search ranking on google and it works blog can result in a 434 increase in indexed pages on google and a 97 increase in index links this means that potential customers are more likely to discover your business when searching online for a product or service you offer blocks and also offer big benefits once the potential customer has found you why well 70 of people would rather learn about a company through articles than advertisements and i’m not really sure who the 30 of people are who are like i love seeing ads all the time not here to shame anyone just saying i don’t get it but that fact right there is a central thesis for inbound marketing you’re making it possible for potential customers to find you right at the moment they’re seeking your service think about like this imagine you own oh i don’t know a bike shop and you want to attract new cyclists who are interested in the road biking train [Music] let’s do this so you write a blog about

how to get started with road biking better yet write a series of blog posts like how much should a road bike cost what gear do you need for road biking and the best places to road bike in your area just be sure to wear a helmet these are all things that a potential customer is likely to look up online before they start shopping and if they read your article you’ve now solved a problem for them before they’ve even set foot into your store and solving problems is the foundation for building loyal customers now that you understand why a blog works by building your seo while solving problems for your customers it’s time to tackle the two big questions what are you gonna write about and how should you write about it i already gave you a few examples of article ideas for your imaginary bike store but you need to come up with fresh ideas every week to keep your blog effective you want to approach this ideation from two directions what sort of expertise do you offer and what questions are customers

asking about your business where these two intersect is where you want your blog to be start by making a list of topics and ask your team to contribute these don’t have to be actual blog ideas yet just general topics that relate to your business pay extra attention to your sales and marketing folk who likely have more insights into the customer’s wants and needs next run a keyword analysis to find out what people are actually searching for online there are links in the description that will walk you through every step in that process going back to our bike store example you and your team might be experts in bike helmets nutrition for cyclists cycling shoes and bike repairs keyword research revealed that people are searching for does cycling burn calories best cycling helping best cycling shoes knee pain start with articles that intersect between your expertise and customer interests you can later build expertise and other customer interests to address those needs as well spend time looking at what your competitors are writing for your customers and what’s already ranking number one in google for your target keywords looking at the competition will help you identify your starting point in order to rank above them in google and win over

more readers your content needs to be 10 times better and use hubspot’s blog ideas generator to come up with even more article ideas a whole year’s worth now you’re ready to start writing but a blank page on your screen can be a terrifying thing even for professional writers to get you over that hump hubspot has a series of free blog templates that you can download from the link in the description these templates will also help you keep your writing clear and focused and make sure formatting is optimized for online search and reading keep your writing casual and conversational like speaking to a colleague in the break room think friendly but professional informative but never patronizing and always be jargon free preview your main points in the first few lines of each blog so readers know they’ve come to the right place give them a takeaway to act on at the end of each article now are you ready for some real ninja tricks expert bloggers insert passive ctas as hyperlinks at the start of each article hubspot research has shown that these links have the highest click-through rates despite this blogs are getting longer that’s because

articles over 3000 words get three times more traffic four times more social shares and three and a half times more backlinks and by the way when writing a blog it’s always good to use some data and research to back up your point and always link to your sources it’s just the right thing to do when i was feeling especially lazy in high school i would be like i’m pretty sure i heard this from somewhere and just write it down why am i telling you this can i get in trouble for that are they gonna take away my diploma once your blog is written have someone else read it for clarity and corrections or at least take a break then go back and give yourself 30 minutes to edit and proofread there are some pretty good ai powered apps like grammarly to help you check your writing but they won’t catch everything so read carefully add an image or even better create a custom graphic if you have the resources then click publish you can post the link on your social media channels and any other online marketing outlet like a newsletter but don’t spend time worrying about immediate traffic the best blog posts have a long tail meaning their value unfolds over time as people discover them through organic search

it can take up to six months of consistent blogging before you see any return and most businesses give up before then so stick with it and you’ll gain a competitive advantage you’ll just have to keep blogging steadily and you’ll see the results in the long run if you’ve been blogging for a while you should take a little break from new content to optimize older posts at hubspot 92 percent of leads come from blog posts that are over six months old so there is a ton of opportunity on the table by optimizing the past use blog analytics tools to identify which posts are generating traffic but not leads so they can be optimized for those conversions then identify posts that are converting leads at a high rate but are low in traffic and optimize those posts for search so they can gain more traffic it’s called optimize in the past and there’s an article in the description that will walk you through how to implement this magic strategy for your blog by building and maintaining a high quality blog you’ll be creating content that will continue to bring in solid leads for your business long after you press publish and you don’t need to be a brilliant writer just an expert in something in your own industry are we human or are we blogger
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How I got 50,000 subscribers in ONE MONTH – YouTube

[Music] hello and welcome and welcome back to my youtube channel in this video I’m going to be sharing the solid golden tips that I have used to reach 500,000 subscribers I’m going to be sharing the things that helped me the most the things that have set me back and wasted my time in this video is just so important for any person that is striving to do well on YouTube and kind of just want some tips to lead them in the right path so as you guys know my channel has grown a lot recently especially in May and I’m so grateful for that and it’s just been crazy to see that growth after just so many years of work and I’m so grateful for it and I don’t ever think I take it for granted because I appreciate it so much I just appreciate every single person I watched my videos so without further ado let’s get on into the video so the first thing I’m going to be sharing is something that I wasted so much time on and that is commenting on other small youtubers videos I’m not going to be telling you to stop commenting on your friends videos or videos that you enjoy

but I used to share it as a growth technique if you guys go watch my old videos on how to grow YouTube channel I feel like I actually mislead people in a way because I would tell them oh if you comment on 200 videos the next day you’ll come back with 40 new subscribers and yes it did work but was it effective and a good use of your time no marketing is important but I used to spend like an hour a day just marketing my channel when that really wasn’t the thing that was gonna get me to 50,000 subscribers maybe this method can get you to a few thousand but it’s not gonna get you anywhere in the long run I just want every single small youtuber you know that it’s such a waste of your time 99% of my subscribers that I gain now are from the actual content and I know that it’s easier said than done I swear that you can grow organically when I stop commenting on videos my channel really started doing well number two and this is so important especially for any new youtubers is make either educational or extremely entertaining videos I know that some people will just start youtube for memories and if it’s just for memories and maybe you don’t

need to watch this video and I love storing my memories in YouTube and the money side of YouTube’s also kind of the bonus part for me to do what I love but I’ve always wanted to strive and thrive on YouTube making educational content or extremely funnier entertaining content is what you need to do because you want to make content for other people to watch other people want to watch like if you’re making like a weekend with my brothers vlog maybe that’ll do well if you make it entertaining and like aesthetic but nine times out of ten it won’t do very well so think about what people are searching for what people want this is an educational video so I think it’ll be something that a lot more people are interested in there may be a vlog with my siblings experiment this is so important and then this actually helped me with my channel so much this is the reason why I was able to hit 50k and again I’m so grateful I’ve always started YouTube just wanting to be a lifestyle youtuber I wanted to go so far with lifestyle I wanted to blow up from a morning routine video and I thought that was all that I had in store for myself and I haven’t making lifestyle videos for four years I’ve

been grinding so much at it I’ve spent hours making these videos but when I only really started seeing results and views business just in general is when I made a commentary video my first commentary video took me like less than two hours to put together and most my lifestyle videos it took me five hours but I actually drove people to my channel and it kind of opened new windows free like maybe I can just sit in front of a camera and talk and I’m still gonna be doing my lifestyle videos and I care about them so much there’s still so fun for me even if they don’t do as well as commentary videos but I kind of just opened up a big window for me again if I workout video that did super well too and I’m so grateful for that as well but now I know that people like workout videos I should do more of those I know it’s important to have a niche but when you were a small youtuber don’t be afraid to experiment with new things because I get it if you have like a hundred K subscribers and they all came for relationship advice and you start doing sport videos that could not go the best ways but if you were a small channel take advantage that you’re not turning like millions of people away it’s crazy to me to see what content I’m

making right now number four is post at least two times a week I used to think that hosting once a week was so amazing I was like I’m posting so much and I know that you’re busy you have schedule but if you really want to make it on YouTube make sure to post at least two times a week sometimes I feel like posting two times a week isn’t even enough because people on the internet are addicted I’m addicted to YouTube – you need a creator that will quench your thirst and just give you content that you can binge and that’s another great thing about desdemona like my favorite youtubers should make super long videos and she uploads often so I can just always be watching her videos that keeps people on your channel satisfied and just they subscribe for a reason but make sure to keep your quality up and every single time you upload a video that is exposure through a channel that is a chance to blow up one of those videos could blow up you know and posting one time per week compared to two times a week that’s a pretty big difference okay in a year if you upload a fifty two times that’s fifty two chances to blow up but if you post one hundred and four times in a year that’s a 104 chances to

blow up so I would definitely think about it that way five make popular content at the right time this one has also helped me a lot basically when I made my diversity video I made that video because I was really passionate about it and I wanted to come and message right out like right out you know I wanted people to hear it and I remember absolutely inspired by it ski shoots video and I posted mine like two days after hers and that was good timing I wasn’t late to that not trend but a lot of people made videos on this but some people made a video like one week after hers some people have different reasons for making that video some people are super genuine about it some people I don’t know but but it’s really all about your timing like for example Joanna said here the reason why she blew up is because right when Emma’s chamberlain’s merch was rising she made a video right at that perfect time so she kind of slid her video into that trend rise so that her video ended up doing really well because that was what people were searching for at that time when you’re gonna do a popular trend do it at the right time like if I were to right now post a

letting the person in front of me to say about it eat for a day it would not do as well now compared to maybe like a month ago number six and this one is so important and I want to make multiple videos on this it’s have a strong camera presence I’m still learning and I’m trying to have a strong camera presence and I have been doing YouTube for four years I’m not really gonna compare myself to any may be newer youtubers because it’s hard to talk to another camera and feel normal feel not mentally insane I know it’s hard and I’ve been doing it for four years I’ve had a lot of practice at it I know that not a lot of people have it’s a lot of you are scared to start a channel because they think they’re gonna be awkward and not know what to say and honestly I would suggest just practicing in front of your mirror filming a video and you don’t have to post that video you can edit it just practice I think that every single time I’m in front of a camera I grow more comfortable with it so it’s all about the practice and just having that confidence in yourself you need to know that what you’re saying is important even if it’s not people do not want to watch someone that is unconfident because if you’re trying to convince something of someone or sell a product to someone and you don’t even believe in

yourself then how do you expect them to believe in you so you have to be confident on the camera and don’t speak super quietly or like like no one will be able to listen to you you have to use a strong voice and I have actually watched a few YouTube videos on this about how to have a stronger presence on the camera it was from a Nick nimman and he was explaining about you know having a little bit of a deeper voice or kind of just getting into that warm part of your voice that really projects and I think it makes it so much easier people that take you seriously and listen to you because they don’t have to be like did you see that word like they can clearly understand what you’re saying and the point you’re trying to get out and I could talk so much about tagging your videos and titles and thumbnails and if you guys want a video I’m not and what’s up and do one but I just want to say in general for tip number seven is that thumbnails are so so important guys I used to not really care about my thumbnails I could get like a cute picture put some text on it but lately I’ve really been working thumbnails I make like multiple thumbnail options I asked my friends

which ones better because I have truly found that I cannot settle for a thumbnail a thumbnail is something that people see first or the second time they click on your channel and for example I’m going to show you guys I’ve made two options for my middle school get ready with me so this is option number one this is option number two and I think number two looks so much better and that could really affect who clicks on your video and how many people click on your video for example I made this thumbnail me and my friend Radhika and I love her to death and I love this picture but like the contrast is like too high or like I mean many versions of it and I can never make it look good so then today I redid that thumbnail and I made it meet my friend Haley like at the beach and I kind of just fit the theme of the video more and the lighting just looks so much better in it and I feel really in fact two clicks in your video so never settle for your thumbnails cuz there are a lot more important than you might think and experiment with different types of thumbnails I have found the lots of popular videos on my channel kind of have the same thumbnail theme so that has told me a lot about how people click on certain designs what

works best for me so it’s all about experimenting a/b testing and looking at your data and kind of looking at that and knowing what to implement in your future videos because you’ve seen what does well and what doesn’t work well if you guys want to see another advice to you like this but about the business side of YouTube I will totally do that so please let me know down below if this video gets to 10,000 likes I will do a video on the business side of YouTube and kind of just how that works out and if you guys really want to learn a lot of key tips that I’ve used on my channel just look at the card up there watch my playlists on YouTube I also have a video about video ideas that will blow up and now I want a super important so go check out that one because I will help you with your channel a lot and with a lot of those twice a week uploads because you’ll need ideas don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe down below and I’ll see you guys in the next one thank you know 


This Is How Much Money A Podcast With 50,000 Downloads Makes – YouTube

so podcasting has been around for a while but I feel like within the last two years it went full mainstream in 2019 it seemed like everyone was starting a podcast from celebrities to youtubers to your mom’s friends cousin I mean it’s really become what making a blog was in 2008 I even started listening to a few in really started loving it for mindless tasks road trips cleaning and even now for quarantine II when I saw how many influencers and almost celebrities like people that have been on The Bachelor have made podcasts I thought there’s gotta be money in this and I was right since I don’t have a podcast myself I called on a few people I know with podcasts to figure out how much people make from these so today we’re gonna explore the whole podcasting landscape how much it costs to get started and how much you could expect to make so when it comes to monetizing podcasts

I found in my research but there’s a couple ways people do this depending on the size of the audience podcasts I already have a large audience we usually join a podcast network you’ve probably heard these at the beginning of very popular podcasts ramble the following podcast sees a lot of these networks require at least 50,000 downloads per episode a podcast network groups together a bunch of popular podcasts and is able to sell the ad space in bulk to advertisers which secures each podcast sponsored ad breaks this allows each podcast in a network to have access to more sponsorships so a lot of them are able to have four or more ads within a podcast so people can of course choose where they want to put in these ad breaks for example if you’ve ever listened to Tim Ferriss his podcast dude puts like five minutes straight of an ad in the beginning I skipped through the whole thing I don’t know who is listening to that but good for him because I’m sure he’s making Bank in fact I found a blog post he has that pretty much says how much he makes and

guys it’s a lot and don’t worry we’ll go into the specifics of how much people make what we’re getting there so I’m sure there are some networks that do go below 50,000 but in general podcast networks are gonna want people that do have thousands not hundreds of listeners but there is a service that will take literally anyone with not even their first listener and let them monetize and it’s called anchor they’re not sponsoring this I wish they were so this website anchor is really common for people that are in the range of 10,000 downloads or less per episode like I literally just signed up for anchor and they already are letting me do a sponsored ad reached granted it is for anchor itself so this is probably just their way of getting new users to actually use anchor but still this is a way for people the smaller following to immediately start monetizing so let’s take a look at the first podcast this is

from Jordan Rebecca and York based youtuber with a podcast called work so essentially I interview all these people in my life who I think are inspirational give great career advice and have just like really cool jobs that people would describe as dream jobs super quickly out of college and kind of talk with them about how they got their internship advice she produces her podcast herself and has been using anchor to monetize from the past six months anchor actually operates pretty similar to YouTube Adsense just like YouTube you have a CPM but in this case is a cost per thousand listen so I have one Adam’s beginning one ad and one out in the middle of the podcast so it starts off with an ad and then there’s a break in the sector and nothing at the end I’m sure if you had more sponsorships on angry eyes or I just have to yeah so but I think if you had four or five you could probably add more add breaks in there so we can see anchor offers a $15

CPM for a 30 second a breed so two of these in an episode would give a $30 CPM so I get I’m probably like just over a thousand lessons per episode I can kind of assume that if I upload a podcast episode I will make probably just over or just under a hundred dollars so for the amount of lessons around a couple thousand and episode a hundred dollars is really good money compared to how much you would make on YouTube for that same amount so here’s a video of mine that in the last week has earned an extra two point five thousand views and we can see that it’s only made fourteen dollars so not even close to how much a podcast would earn it’s honestly I feel like then kind of easier than YouTube because I feel like I spent so many hours on a YouTube video I think it’s way easier to make money on a podcast I’ve been making YouTube videos for a really long time when I started it took a while to get YouTube to monetize

like a certain amount of subscribers or something I don’t know if it’s still that way it’s been super easy for me and I’ve made more money with the podcast and I have probably for a lot of YouTube to be honest and then a much shorter amount of time I’ve made much more money on the podcast so as you can see Jordan is able to make a nice side hustle out of her podcast and I think this is really cool because that 1 to 2 thousand listeners number is pretty realistic for a lot of people to get to now let’s take a look at how much you can make with much more views say 50,000 per episode I talked to Gretchen Garrity and Katie Pilate who both have podcasts that get over 30,000 downloads per episode about what it’s like to monetize with this size of audience so let’s start with how much you could make per ad break in the 30 to 50,000 download range I mean I

typically transparency open with this I get a thousand a mention or my audience which like I said it kind of fluctuates between 35 to 60,000 downloads depending on how long it’s been up we’ve kind of pitched it as like a 33,000 it’s how many listens I got just because that’s the lower end so appetizer Kindle if that’s the bare minimum of what they’ll get they’ll likely get more but that’s what they’re gonna get you know kind of guaranteed so in the 30 to 50 thousand download range we can see it’s somewhere around $1,000 per as break now to get the full picture let’s take a look at how many a breaks people typically do in a podcast so in your podcast how many ads do you do usually usually it’s like minimum one every single one just in the beginning to say sign for like six months or I don’t even know what it was and then other ones are kind of just here and there do I feel like it usually is between like one and three I we do to add grace in episode as a listener of podcasts I get pretty

irritated when it’s like more than that like throughout the episode I like can’t you know they won’t get a word in without having another ad break so I don’t know it’s a personal thing I used to do wine I recently increased it to two and I find that no one’s really had an issue with it so you pretty much you decided to do to add bricks do you find that you could do more like does your network bring you more yes for sure I think I could definitely do a lot more I’ve even considered doing some at the end I mean I feel like if I did more and have to extend my podcast to be longer at least because my kind of on the shorter end I feel like most people do good over an hour mine are only 45 minutes so depending on the amount of AD breaks a podcast in the 30 to 50,000 download range could make anywhere from one to five thousand dollars per episode so so I don’t know about you guys but I’ve listened to podcasts that range from no ads at all to five ads per episode so with the same amount of downloads two

podcasts could be making very different amounts with this thirty to fifty thousand range one podcast could make two thousand episode while another makes four thousand episode it really just depends on how many ads you put in one other thing to know is that the podcast networks do take a percentage podcast networks primarily are gonna bring someone sponsors but they can also edit the podcast make cover art helped set up merch set up a live tour like hold your hand but they are gonna take a higher percentage for each of those things I’ve heard um the low end of podcast network will take 20% and on the high end up to 50% which I just can’t imagine being worth it hardly ever so really if you’re getting 30 to 50,000 downloads you do three ads you make 3,000 in episode your podcast network takes 30% you’re left with 2,100 per episode so that’s a more realistic look at what someone is gonna be making with that amount of downloads so you can really see how these podcasts

that are going half a million to a million downloads can be making quite a lot over the course of the year half a million downloads could bring in 20,000 an episode with only two ad breaks and in 52 weeks that’s a little over a million dollars in a year so that’s really a look into how much podcasts can make I learned a lot in making this video and thought it was super interesting how podcasts for the amount of time you’re putting in can be a lot more lucrative than YouTube they’re also a lot less expensive to get started everyone I interviewed in this video used a microphone under $200 blue Yeti USB mic so I use a blue the blue Yeti might be a purse it’s only $150 so if you’re starting a podcast it’s a really solid

microphone I’ll link it down below if you want to check it out a less expensive option would be to use a pair of earbuds with a mic I feel like almost everyone has a pair of these headphones lying around and they actually have a little microphone right here so many people do not know this but it’s not bad it’s a little quiet so it’s not really like ideal podcasting mic but hey it’s better than nothing if you don’t want to spend any money you might have a pair of earbuds with microphone in them so give those a shot and then this microphone right here is really the state-of-the-art best of the best microphone that you could get for a podcast I just bought it for voiceovers from my videos but I haven’t really figured out how to use it yet to be honest and I think I need to buy an extra thing for it to work so this is the shure sm7b and it’s only $400 I mean $400 is still a lot of money still though that’s so much less than the camera that I’m using to shoot this on so even if you want to go all-in and buy the nicest stuff it’s still less than like an OK camera I don’t really think

this one’s necessary though when you’re just starting a podcast like you can definitely get by on a blue Yeti probably most people don’t even notice the sound quality difference from the blue and this it’s really only like the people that are in it and like really paying attention to that okay I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked these breakdowns of how much different I guess Internet platforms can make I have a few videos of how much youtubers make so I’ll link those down below you can go ahead and check them out you can see exactly how much I’ve made on Adsense I also want to say a huge thank you to Jordan and Gretchen and Katie for being in this video I literally could not make this video without you guys like what would I do guess how much people make from podcasts so if you’re looking for more podcasts to listen to definitely go check them out I think work is a great one for anyone who’s not sure what they want to do as a career Gretchen’s podcast is just a fun listen I think really relatable for any girl in their 20s and
Katie’s podcasts is really perfect for anyone that’s interested in moving to New York or what it’s like to live in New York what it’s like to date in New York like anything like that should I start my own podcast now so we can do a breakdown and see exactly how much like full-on analytics and everything you know maybe stay tuned let me know if you would listen so that’s gonna be it for this video comment below if you guys know anything else about how the podcasting world works or if you have any questions and I will see you guys next Saturday bye


SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2021 – YouTube

today’s video i’m going to show you exactly how to rank on the first page of google step by step in fact i use this exact formula to rank on the first page of google for competitive keywords like link building tools backlinks and seo checklist i’m brian dean the founder of backlinko the place where marketers turn for higher rankings and more traffic and if you want to rank number one in google you’ll love the actionable steps in this video keep watching i have a confession to make i used to hate seo that’s mostly because my first website wouldn’t rank no matter what i did it was super frustrating i hate usco and to make matters worse i was following all the advice that i read from so-called seo experts create great content add keywords to your page make sure that your site loads fast yeah that stuff can help a little but it’s not going to rocket your site to the top of google’s first page and when i realized that i decided to run lots of seo experiments i tested title tags

backlinks anchor text internal links and more and over the years i started to put the pieces together flash forward to today and i rank number one in google for tons of competitive keywords like nofollow links and success magazine recently called me the world’s foremost expert on search engine optimization okay enough bragging now it’s time for me to reveal the process that you can use to rank on the first page of google step by step so let’s kick things off with step number one find three keywords so your first step is to find three keywords these are keywords that you’ll create content around in the next step and here’s exactly how to find great low competition keywords first head over to answer the public this free tool finds questions that people ask on forums blogs and on social media and it turns those questions into awesome keywords the best part the keywords that you get from answer the public are usually

long tail keywords in case you haven’t heard of them before long tail keywords are just keywords that are long and very specific for example a keyword like keto diet is a short tail keyword but keto diet breakfast recipes is a long tail keyword even though not a lot of people tend to search for long tail keywords they’re also not super competitive which makes them perfect keywords to go after if you’re just starting out another great way to find keywords is believe it or not reddit just head over to a subreddit where your target audience hangs out and take a look at the topics that people are talking about you can even pop these topics and to answer the public to find long tail versions of these topics finally head over to this is another free tool that bubbles up trending topics and industries like tech health fashion marketing and more and because these topics are relatively new the keywords that people use to find information on them aren’t usually that competitive so once

you have at least three keywords ready to go it’s time for step number two create epic content so i recently teamed up with buzzsumo to analyze 912 million articles and one of our most surprising findings was that most content on the web doesn’t get shared or linked to in fact we found that 94 of all articles online have zero links zero and there’s a simple reason for that most of the content that people publish isn’t that great and if it’s not great it’s gonna get lost among the millions of blog posts tweets youtube videos and twitch streams that come out every day so for your content to stand out it can’t just be good or even great for your content to be something that someone else would want to actually link to it needs to be epic now there’s no formula for creating epic content or else everyone would do it but there are a few things you can do to increase the odds that people will share and more importantly link to your content first you want to publish

content that’s long and in-depth the buzzsumo study that i mentioned earlier uncovered a little interesting nugget and that nugget was that longer content gets more links than short content specifically long-form content gets an average of 77 more backlinks than short content does this mean that publishing longer content will automatically bring in thousands of links of course not but publishing in-depth content that does cover an entire topic in depth can increase the odds that people link to you for example this post for my blog is 4 700 words long and because this post has everything there is to know about link building in one place over a thousand different sites have linked to it next you want to add a hook to your content a hook is something that would make a blogger or journalist want to link to your content your hook can be a stat a case study example a unique strategy a rare interview a tool or widget or even a visualization basically anything that makes someone else say wow

i need to link to this can work for example a few years ago i published this case study of how i increased my blog’s conversion rate the hook in this case was a specific case study that people could reference i also wrote about a unique strategy in that case study called the content upgrade which was another hook and because my page wasn’t just high quality content but included several hooks lots of people have linked to that post now that your epic content is ready to go it’s time for step number three keyword optimize your content on-page seo has changed a lot over the last few years back in the day keyword optimization was all about stuffing your page with keywords but that doesn’t really work anymore instead the goal of on-page seo today is to give google context about what your page is all about yes you still want to use keywords on your page but you also need to help google understand your page’s overall topic here’s how to do it your

first step is to include your target keyword and a few important places on your page that way google can understand that your page is about that specific term specifically you want to add your keyword to these areas of your page next it’s time to give google more context about your page and the best way to do that lsi keywords lsi keywords are words and phrases that are closely related to your target keyword put another way they’re terms that tend to show up next your keyword around the web for example if your target keyword was fresh prints lsi keywords would be terms like this and when google sees these lsi keywords on your page it makes them say we’re confident that this page is actually about that topic you can find these lsi keywords by searching for your keyword and then scrolling to the bottom of the search results the bold suggested keywords here usually make great lsi keywords then sprinkle in a

few of these lsi keywords on your page and you’re good to go with that let’s dive right into step number four optimize your content for users back in the day google would rank pages based almost a hundred percent on who had the most backlinks yes backlinks are still important and i’ll show you exactly how to build backlinks in the next step but to rank in google today backlinks aren’t enough your content also needs to be optimized for users that’s because google pays very close attention to how people interact with your site in the search results and if they notice that people are clicking on your site and then quickly heading back to google they’ll down rank you boring next but if they see users sticking on your page that’s a sign that you’re giving google searchers what they want this is awesome and you’ll usually get a rankings boost with that here’s exactly how to optimize your content for users so they stay on your page first structure your content so people start getting actionable info

asap in other words you don’t want to start your post off with a long explanation about why the topic is important that’s only going to make people bounce instead use a short intro then get right into the steps tips recipes workout plans or whatever you’re going to cover in your post for example in this post from my blog i don’t get into a long back story about why seo is important instead i have a brief five line intro then it’s time for the first strategy next make sure that your content’s design is on point studies show that people largely judge your site based on design first and content second so if your site looks like this you can expect a really high bounce rate now that doesn’t mean that your site needs to win any design awards or look fancy in fact in my experience a simple design tends to work best for example if you look at this post there’s nothing remotely fancy about it but it does have a clean design that makes it easy to read and skim

which leads us to our last step step number five build backlinks are backlinks still important for seo yeah in fact proficient digital has been tracking the importance of backlinks over the last three years and they found that links are basically just as important today as they were since they first started tracking them and if you follow the steps so far by creating epic content optimizing it for users and adding hooks you already have a strong foundation for building backlinks it’s just a matter of getting your content out there to actually build those links and the best way to do that broke in link building in fact i used broken link building to get this link from a super authoritative website here’s how it works first find a broken link on a page that you want to get a link from i personally use the helpful check my links extension for google chrome which is free it automatically crawls all the links on a page and ids broken

links next you want to find a post on your site that will make a good replacement for the dead link for example i recently found a broken link on this page and after looking through my site i found this post that would be a pretty good replacement now it’s not a one-to-one match to what the person linked to but it’s close enough finally reach out to the person that runs that site and ask them to swap out the dead link for a link to your content now for this process you can definitely work with an email script as you send these out but i definitely don’t recommend sending out the same generic email to a hundred different people in fact an outreach study that i recently did with pitchbox found that personalized emails got 32 percent more replies than emails that use the same exact pitch for everybody for example you can see that this broken link building email that i recently sent out is super personalized now before we close out this seo tutorial i want to show you a quick bonus step

use unique images can using stock photos on your site hurt your google rankings as it turns out they might the folks at reboot online recently ran an interesting experiment they created 10 brand new websites all optimized around a keyword that they made up for the experiments on five of the sites they used five stock photos that were already used on a bunch of other websites and for the other five they actually took their own images that way they were a hundred percent unique so what did they find they discovered that the five websites that had unique images which are the green lines in this chart you see here outrank the sites that didn’t use unique images which are the red lines from the chart so what’s the bottom line whenever you can try to use unique images in your content these can be pictures that you take with your phone or illustrations that you make in photoshop or screenshots that you take yourself as this study showed unique images seem to have a direct impact on rankings did you
learn something new from today’s video if so make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now just click on the subscribe button below this video also if you want exclusive seo techniques that i only share with subscribers head over to and hop on the newsletter it’s free now i want to turn it over to you which technique from today’s video are you gonna try first are you gonna try broken link building or are you gonna try adding unique images to your page let me know by leaving a comment below right now now from okay we don’t need a pro the hook here did i hurt you but you also need to i think it’s the yeah that was like an action movie line


My 9 Favorite Free SEO Tools For 2021 – YouTube

in this video i’m going to show you my favorite seo tools the best part every single tool on this list is 100 free i’m brian dean the founder of backlinko the place where marketers turn for higher rankings and more traffic and if you’re looking for tools that will help you get higher google rankings you’ll love this video keep watching the first tool on this list is called most keyword research tools work the exact same way enter a seed keyword into a tool and get a list of suggestions the problem with this approach is this everyone types the same exact seed keywords into these tools no wonder most keywords are super competitive that’s where seed keywords comes in it helps you sidestep this problem instead of pulling seed keywords out of thin air you actually ask customers how they’d find you online then you use those seed keywords in a traditional keyword research tool for example let’s say that you run an online flower delivery ecommerce site well you do see keywords to create what’s called a scenario

basically you ask people how they would search for what you sell then send that scenario to people and if you’re like me you’ll be surprised at the responses that you get finally put the terms that you find into your favorite keyword tool and you’ll find some untapped keywords that your competitors don’t know about yet which leads us to our second free seo tool serperator now it didn’t include serperator on this list just because it has a name that kind of sounds like terminator although that didn’t hurt with that here’s how this tool works as you probably know the search results change dramatically depending on where you are and the device that you’re using and this awesome tool helps you check out the search results across different locations and devices all you need to do is specify your device and location and you’ll see exactly how the results will look for someone searching from that location using that device pretty cool and now it’s time for our third seo tool exploding topics you

probably already know that finding new trending keywords is an seo goldmine and it’s simple math if you target an old keyword they’re gonna be more blog posts articles youtube videos and content in general that you have to compete with but when you target new keywords that are trending up you get in early before the search results get super competitive for example a while back i wrote a post optimized around the keyword mobile seo back when that keyword was relatively new even though that keyword didn’t have a ton of searches yet i knew that google had been rolling out updates that penalized sites that weren’t mobile optimized which meant that searches for that keyword were primed to explode and because i got in super early i was able to carve out a top three ranking for this growing term a ranking that i still hold to this day the question is how do you find these new trending terms well you could use google trends but the issue with google trends is that you already need to know what you’re looking

for in other words google trends is great for confirming a trend on a keyword that you already know about but it’s not really helpful for coming up with new trends and topics enter exploding topics with exploding topics you get a list of new trending keywords presented to you on a silver platter and the tool has a database of training topics across several different industries including health fitness marketing fashion consumer products and more moving right along our next free seo tool is called lsi graph you’ve probably heard of lsi keywords before they’re basically words and phrases that are closely related to your main keyword and when you include these terms in your content google sees your content as comprehensive which can give you a nice little rankings boost for example let’s say your target keyword is star wars lsi keywords for star wars would be things like luke skywalker jedi princess leia and the millennium falcon so how do you find lsi keywords a very cool free tool

called lsi graph just enter your target keyword into the tool and you’ll get a list of lsi keywords that you can sprinkle into your content pretty cool with that it’s time for tool number five tubebuddy tubebuddy is a free chrome extension that helps you optimize your youtube videos for seo for example let’s say that you want to use some of the same tags that another video is using well you can use tubebuddy to easily see those tags and use them in your video or let’s say you’re looking for a keyword to optimize your video around you can use tubebuddy to see the competition level on youtube’s first page for that keyword which leads us to tool number six word tracker scout word tracker scout takes kind of a unique approach to keyword research instead of entering a keyword into a tool word tracker scans a page and finds keywords that show up over and over again that way you can go over to one of your competitors pages and grab the keywords that they’re already using in their content you can even sort the list of keywords by

opportunity which are terms that have the best ratio of search volume and competition and now it’s time for seo tool number seven the google search console no list of seo tools would be complete without talking about search console why well if you take a step back search console is actually a pretty feature-rich piece of seo software and unlike almost every other tool in the market the data that you get comes straight from google so you know it’s legit for example you can use the search console as a rank tracker to check your site’s ranking in the serps you can also use it to get a feel for your site’s backlink profile now this isn’t nearly as good as a paid tool like ahrefs but it’s not terrible last but not least you can see all the pages that your site has indexed in google and if you have any technical seo problems that’s holding your site back which leads us to tool number eight answer the public most keyword research tools get their data from the same exact place the google keyword planner answer the public is a

little bit different this tool focuses on questions that people ask on forums quora reddit blogs and on social media and it turns those questions into awesome keywords my favorite feature inside of answer the public is that they have a section dedicated to versus keywords so why is this helpful in my experience versus keywords are great for seo that’s because versus keywords usually aren’t super competitive and the people that search for versus keywords tend to be pretty advanced which means they’re usually close to buying something for example i recently published this post that compared ahrefs to sem rush even though this keyword doesn’t get a ton of searches the people that do search for this keyword are pretty advanced remember these aren’t newbies that are looking up what seo is or how it works they’re comparing two different paid tools and these are the exact type of people that i want to get in front of which is why i published that versus post and like i said versus

keywords aren’t usually really competitive which is why i was able to rank in the top three within a few weeks and now it’s time for our last tool seo tool number nine animals revive animals revive helps you find older content on your site that needs an update and upgrade or both before this tool came along you had to manually find these pages in google analytics and it was a huge pain but with this tool you get a list of pages that need some tlc it even shows you how many visitors you’re losing by not updating your old content so before we end this video i’ve got a quick bonus tool for you sightliner siteliner is a free technical seo tool that scans your site for seo problems like blocked pages messed up redirects duplicate content and broken links you can even drill down into each page on your site to see if the tool found any issues you can also compare your site’s loading speed and page size to other sites in siteliner’s database
which is helpful for benchmarking so that’s my list of my nine favorite free seo tools if you like this video make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now just click on the subscribe button below this video also if you want exclusive seo traffic techniques that i only share with subscribers head over to and hop on the newsletter it’s free now i want to turn it over to you which tool from today’s video are you going gonna try first are you gonna find trending keywords using exploding topics or optimize your videos with tubebuddy let me know by leaving a comment below right now you


10 FREE Blogging Tools | increasing your blogging productivity with FREE tools for Bloggers – YouTube

okay so the first tool that i want to introduce to you is called evernote but before i show you how to get started with this tool i actually want to show you the importance of actually downloading it and using it so did you know that all written material starts the same way yeah there’s actually a common thread between the book the great gatsby and a viral article that you read on buzzfeed do you know what that is the answer is that they all started as an idea now the tricky part is transferring that idea that’s in your head to somewhere that you can actually remember it and then take action on it and build it out and then publish it somewhere so that’s what this software is going to allow you to do so all you have to do is just open up a web browser and type in evernote

[Music] so once you have that pulled up you can just click that button that says download and within just a few minutes you’ll have it downloaded on your desktop there’s also a mobile app for android and for iphones so i definitely recommend putting it on whatever device you have because the quicker you can put your idea into the software the better off you’ll be so actually jump right into the software i’ll show you what it looks like this is the front page of evernote and you have a notes section here a notebook section and a tag section so tags are more for tagging certain elements within your article and just kind of giving you an overall view of it notebooks are going to be kind of like your categories and so to kind of show you how i actually use this we’ll go ahead and make a note and we’ll pretend that i had this idea to write an article about my son and so we might say like 20 lessons

my two-year-old son has taught me and i don’t know what kind of ideas that you might have going on in your head but i would just type down a few things that might allow you to remember what this article should be about and so i’m going to write down a few notes so i might say this needs to be lighthearted 20 lessons my son’s name’s asher so 20 lessons asher has taught me about life and so this is basic but then i would go and add a tag that you use for every blog idea and so it might just be blog idea so you got the tag there so now once you

jump out of this you should be able to search that tag so notes tag with blog idea and so there it is so today i created it and that’s it 20 lessons my two-year-old son is telling me so hopefully you can see how you can actually implement this system start using it start tagging start categorizing and start taking action on building these ideas out and so we’ll go further into that with some of these other tools but that is the rundown on the tool evernote okay i want to start this next section with a quote from the best-selling author stephen king he says if you want to be a writer you must do two things above all others read a lot and write a lot and for our context as bloggers another way to put this is that if you want to write great

articles first you must read great articles and that’s what this next tool is all about it’s called pocket and it’s something you can download on your desktop computer you can actually also put it on iphone or an android device and we’ll actually jump right into it so if you pull up your web browser and just type in just like that you’ll probably see a page that looks something similar to this and basically pocket is a article archiving software and as you read stuff online and read articles related to you know whatever category you kind of write in whatever category you fit in as a blogger as you read those kind of articles you can save them and go back and read them later use them as inspiration for your own article calls maybe you don’t have time to read an article but you think it would be useful to yourself later you can save those and put those in pocket but it doesn’t just stop there

it also recommends other articles based on what articles you’re archiving okay so to sign up all you have to do is click sign up with google or sign up for the email if you have a gmail account you can do sign up with google if you have an other email address sign up with email i’ve actually already signed up with gmail so we’ll jump right into it and i’ll show you what it looks like inside okay so this is what it looks like inside pocket and this is the desktop view has a different view for iphone or android but has you know a few different a few different features so front page here is my list so these are the articles that i’ve recently added to my list some i’ve already read and i want to you know to be able to go back to later for inspiration some of these are some that i’ve not had the time to read yet but i’m going to read later you can also like favorite certain articles within this system

you can also see videos and so maybe you have an article that contains a video or you go to youtube and like read or watch something and it seems interesting you want to watch it again later or share it again later then you also put it in here also images so if you wanted to add images you found online you put it in here and then tags and tags are great for categorizing these articles so you can go back to them later some of them those are some of my tags there and just to kind of show you how it works real quickly reload magazines a online publication that i read pretty often and say i read this article and thought hey this would be great is some inspiration for something i actually want to write from my own experience i could grab this url here go back to here and just paste it into there and save it it works the same way if

your iphone or android has an app you’ll do the same exact thing you copy and paste in there and then also if you use google chrome there’s a pocket chrome extension and once you’ve logged into the chrome extension you can you know save a page just by hitting that button so that’s the pocket app hope this is helpful hope it allows you to write better articles and become a better blogger you enjoy it okay this is a great tool and i really think you’re gonna like it it’s a fun one too it’s a blog idea generator and what this does is it allows you to come up with great article ideas that people will want to read and actually helps you create headlines for those articles and so that’s kind of how i like to think of it as a headline generator maybe and all you have to do is go to

forward slash blog topic generator just like that so once you’ve typed that in there you should arrive the page looks like this and you’ll just enter in some keywords about whatever category you kind of write in this is where you’ll put that information so i typically write about faith and family and so i might want to write an article about like fatherhood or parenting something like that so we’ll just throw in that parenting fatherhood and maybe faith click give me blog and this will give you several ideas to actually write blogs about so number one fifteen best blogs to follow about parenting why we love fatherhood and you should too five tools everyone in the faith industry should be using 20 myths about parenting the worst advice we’ve ever heard about fatherhood so you can see how these

would be attractive titles attractive topics to write about and there’s a few things here and there you’ll have to tweet to make it kind of fit and be appropriate i wouldn’t just use any of these probably verbatim but i won’t have to change much they’re pretty great i like 20 myths about parenting that’s a really great one that’d be a really powerful article i feel like so that’s pretty much it that’s all you have to do it’s free to use and i would i would use it as much as possible okay this next blogging tool i want to introduce you to is called the headline analyzer and it’s put out by you can actually just type in there headline analyzer and it should populate a page looks like this and all you have to do is type in your headline and it will analyze it it’ll analyze it for things like emotional effectiveness shareability seo things like that so we’ll actually take one of the titles

that we pulled from that last tool i showed you so we’ll take 20 myths about parenting we’ll plug it in over here just copy and paste and we’ll just check it out see what it says it takes just a moment to analyze it okay so 20 minutes about parenting comes up with the 57 headline score it’s not terrible but it’s not great either so we’ll kind of go down here and look at the analysis here so it says the headlines a bit short i agree your headline is way too light on words okay i understand that even breaks down like how important the first three words are um uses keywords here some myths would be a keyword there and even mentions the sentiment so

what’s cool about this is that you can actually kind of tweak it and see if your score goes up or down and that’s what i think is most um effective with this tool it’s the most effective way to use this tool so maybe if we just plug in the word surprising like an emotional word like that we’ll see what it does so we work 57 here let’s see what happens when we add a word like that see if it freezes it lowers it okay so we’ve jumped up a little bit we’re at 68 now and so you see there how i mentioned surprising will be like an emotional word that would help out a little bit it’s listed there so myths surprising making a little more intriguing you know it says now our headlines at the right length it mentions the first three words there so and even it need to give you a

preview here so that’s gonna be helpful and if you do email marketing with your blog it gives you like a subject line preview so hopefully hopefully you see how this can be helpful and you could continue tweaking it messing around with it and you know see what you can come up with see how high you can get that score to go with and make your blog post the best it could possibly be this next tool i want to show you is super practical super easy to use and 100 free it’s a photo website it’s called and it contains thousands and thousands of high resolution 100 free photos and i’ll actually show you an example of how you can search and find what you’re looking for depending on what you blog about so i’ll search for parenting and you’ll see over 600 free parenting pictures and they’re all great photos i mean super high quality

enlarge that see it if you want to download it all you have to do is click that download button that one’s right your desktop there so easy to use and it has you know tons of different categories i mean if you’re searching for like if you’re like you run a financial blog you might search finances over a thousand photos related to finances and again super high quality 100 free and your blog your writing is obviously what’s most important for your blog if you want to have a great blog you need to have great writing but what’s second most important is your actual photos for your blog and so i’ll actually show you um i use for pretty much every photo i use in my blog and you’ll see that it makes my vlog look you know professional like well done and so the reason why i think that your your

blog photos are second most important is that if you throw a cheesy stock photo that’s not high quality it’s not high resolution people will equate that to what’s inside the article so if you have a bad looking photo they’re going to think it’s a bad article and that may not be completely fair you may have great writing inside the article but if you throw up you know horrible front door to that that blog then you may you may not have as many readers as you would otherwise so hopefully you’ll see the importance of using great photos for your blog and you know hope that i hope it’s a great resource for you as you vlog in the future this tool is called canva and it’s a drag and drop graphic design website and it’s free to sign up free to use if you’ll just search your browser should pull up and you

should be able to sign up really quickly and get started and so i’ll just show you these are some of the designs that i’ve done before for my website like this ebook design i made it’s a blog graphic i made it’s actually uh my hero image on my website and uh if you just want to you know create a design all you have to do is click create a design and it has dozens and dozens of options of what kind of graphics you might want to make so you have facebook posts here twitter post if you need to make a logo for your blog if you need to make a banner you know even you know pinterest is here tumblr instagram and your blogging and ebook covers so you have dozens and dozens of different types of templates that will get you started super quickly and so say you were going to do a facebook post you wanted to make a graphic you just click that template

there and it would load up something for you and you can actually look at some other you know templates here and say you know maybe i don’t want to use these images you can actually create it with your own background image and go to uploads so you know i pulled this image right here from unsplash so like you just drag and drop expand it make a little bit bigger and i wanted to add some text you can even use like these um pre-designed text things here so say i wanted to you know use i don’t know let’s try this one just put it over here

i’ll just type my blog in there it’s a little bit big and resize it rotate it maybe so easy to use super easy super simple and that’s really all there is to it if you want to download it you can png options pdf jpeg you can share it if you need to email it to someone so hopefully you can kind of see how you could use this even illustrations here and most of the stuff on here is absolutely free you can even search photos on here

so hopefully this is helpful hopefully you can make you some great graphics for your blog okay this next tool is going to save you from so many common mistakes it saved me a ton of time of correcting simple typos and writing mistakes spelling mistakes it’s called and it’s a free software that you can add to chrome if you use google chrome you can also add it to microsoft word and basically it just runs in the background as you write and it checks for common spelling mistakes typos and even a few structure type things with your writing so we’ll jump right into it um this is actually you know if you just go to that should pull up something like this

and you know you can add it to chrome um and basically i’ll just log in and show you a quick example of the kind of mistakes it can save you some from so you can see here i have the google chrome add-in and we’ll just pretend that i was going to um you know write that blog post we used for the a few sections back it was 20 surprising parenting myths so i’ll go and type this in here like i was about to share that post and i’m going to misspell surprising and watch what it does see that so it’s got the red underneath there and it already gives me the correction all i have to do is just click that and it corrects it and so 20 surprising parenting miss and you can see it little it works pretty much anywhere that

you’re going to be typing online or anywhere you have this downloaded it’s going to check for those common mistakes no matter where you’re writing it’s going to run in the background doesn’t slow anything down but it will save you a ton of time and save you from a ton of mistakes and this is great especially if you’re a non-native english speaker and you know you’re not as familiar with the english language this will help you out and save you so much time hope you find it helpful this tool is called the hemingway app and it is a tool that will make your writing bold and clear is completely focused on making your writing as clear and as readable as possible it helps take out complex sentences it removes passive voice it helps you take out those pesky adverbs and it just makes your writing so so much better it’s almost seriously it’s almost like having an english teacher looking over your shoulder that’s how helpful this tool really is and what it does is as you type things in here

it color codes things depending on what’s wrong with it and so here we see this red that’s saying that’s a really complex sentence and you can just tell me it’s a really long meandering sentence and if you kind of look at it and evaluate it and edit it it will actually change the red to yellow or even it won’t highlight at all because you fixed the sentence so the way i use this is i write out my content maybe in evernote and then i copy and paste it into this app and then see how simple my writing is like is it clear or is it too complex and then i adjust it in here and then i’ll copy and paste it to whatever blogging platform on i’m on so i’ll show you like how this works so um for you this app highlights lengthy complex sentences and common errors if you see a yellow sentence shorten or split it so basically all you have to do is see how you can simplify the sentences so we’ll take that out you see how that removed the yellow so

much easier to read now this app or the app highlights lengthy complex sentences and complex errors if you see a red highlight your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow this meandering splitting logic try adding the sentence to remove the red so maybe you would make that a period and see how that made that sentence you know the red disappear there so that’s how you kind of like work on your sentences and work on your blog and make it more readable is by rewriting it you know i’ve heard it said before that the best routers are rewriters and this hemingway app will really help you do that it’s so helpful and i hope you’ll get a lot out of it okay this tool is called medium and medium is a free blogging platform that anyone can get started on i don’t care if you’re a beginner you’re advanced you’ve been doing this years or

just a few weeks medium is the place you should be if you’re a router and i’m kicking myself now because after a few years of writing my own blog i’m finally on medium i’m finally trying to grow an audience there but i’m way behind the curve i wish i so wish i would have gotten started on medium when i first started blogging because it’s completely free you can blog just on medium a lot of people do that you can have your own domain and blog both on your own domain and medium but whatever the case is for you i would definitely be on medium in some capacity whether you’re sharing every blog on there or just a few it’s a great resource that every router should be utilizing so if you just go to and you should pull up a page something like this i’m already signed up and so i’m just going to show you real quickly how easy it is to write a blog and publish a blog on medium so we’ll click news story here and just for example sake i’m going to

go over here and borrow this article i wrote about a year ago throw that in the title there and what i love about this is it does all the formatting for you it is so easy to use and you know i actually you know you can even copy and paste the images that’s how easy this is there we go and then we’ll copy and paste this you know if you just want to use medium if you have your own blog already you can use medium just to republish your blog there’s nothing wrong with that it’s completely fine but if you just want to use medium and not even have your own domain that’s fine too there’s you know large audience on medium and it’s a great place to get started nope i just all have a typo there and so once you’ve kind of got that written out there all you have to do is click publish and you can actually add tags so people can

find it and so i might do life lessons you know already auto populated that tag i might put wisdom and it even shows you like how many people are using these tags so i might do like life hacking i might do life lessons i’ve already did that i just do life let’s see let’s just say relationships and then you just click publish and that is how easy that is and once you hit publish anyone searching those hashtags and they may come across your article they may share it and you know you could have you an audience on medium you know within just a few weeks hopefully you’ll get started on this hopefully you’ll take advantage of it sooner than i did like i said i’m late to the game on this but if you’re a writer i would get started on this as soon as

possible i wouldn’t wait around okay this final tool i’m introducing you to is really straightforward but it could pay off huge dividends if you go ahead and get it set up as quickly as possible and what it is it’s called google alerts all you have to do to find it if you will just do forward slash alerts and once it pulls up you can create an alert about anything you want the few things i recommend you starting with is your first and last name your first and last name and your blog name so mine’s tyler spiegel blog and then also your url and so my url is and so i have all three of those set up so anytime so what this means anytime someone republishes a blog post that i’ve written i will get an email as soon as that happens so i’ll be aware of it and the reason why this matters and the

reason why i said this could pay huge dividends in the future is say i wrote an article it gets picked up by someone like the huffington post they may not alert me to let me know they’re republishing that blog let me just republish it and i may not ever know about it but if i get the email i’ll find out about it i’ll be aware of it and i can actually capitalize on it by sharing it on my own channels you know if i don’t have a relationship with that publication or sharing my content i can actually just reach out to them and then from that point forward i’m not going to like build a relationship with them and say hey saw where you shared my article i’d love to have the opportunity to share articles with you and your publication in the future you know so let’s you know work this out to where i can start you know maybe blog and be a contributor for this platform and you can build bridges in places that you otherwise wouldn’t have even known about and this also goes for things maybe you you’re you know you’re riding in a certain category that you want to be on top of 24 7. so you might set up an
alert say about um say if you write about bitcoin you could create an alert about that so anytime articles written about bitcoin you get an alert about it and you could be on top of it and write an article about that and so i you know i recommend you get this set up you know just as soon as you can because the sooner you get this started the more aware you’ll be and the more opportunities you can take advantage of i hope you’ve enjoyed this course i hope these tools have been helpful and i hope you’ll take advantage of them


How to Start a Podcast 2020: Podcasting for Beginners – YouTube

all right so you want a podcast but you don’t know how to get started this video is gonna show you just how simple it is to get your podcast going specifically we’ll look at one gear needed to set up a solo podcast to your needed to set up a podcast with two or more people three audio software for editing your podcast for quick tips and best practices for getting your podcast to sound as good as possible five how to get your podcast out to the world now one more thing while lots of podcasts do incorporate video today we’re gonna be focusing on the traditional audio only podcast so let’s get to it if you’re gonna do a podcast by yourself then you’re gonna need a few pieces of gear of all the components of any podcasting setup the microphone is the most important because it’s responsible for how your voice sounds in podcasting we know me choose between three types of mics USB mics which are digital or dynamic and condenser mics which are analog we definitely will get into the specific differences between these later but I

will tell you right now that if you’re in search of the easiest solo podcast set up the USB mic is the way to go and here’s why USB mics employ a simple plug-and-play approach you just plug it into your computer or your smartphone or tablet if you have the right adapters record to whichever app or software you’re using listen through your headphones and that’s it let me show you an example here I have the popular blue Yeti USB microphone and all I have to do is plug it into this computer’s USB port verify that the computer recognizes it when I open my software and I’m good to go there’s really no need for any additional gear resize headphones which makes this setup very compact when shopping for a USB mic one feature you should definitely look for is a built-in headphone jack for the volume control so you can hear yourself and adjust your level in real time having this feature on the mic itself makes monitoring your voice simple the yeti by the way also incorporates an independent microphone gain knob for adjusting the input level of your voice which is useful not surprisingly there are many other USB mic models to choose from and depending on your recording environment one type

may be better than the other what I mean is the yetis are pretty sensitive mic with a side address design which means is gonna pick up a lot of sound from the room in so if you’re podcasting in a somewhat noisy environment you may want to offer something totally different like the rode podcaster USB this is a front address mic with a precise pickup range that’s gonna give you good rejection of background noise and still sound really good for your voice it looks cool too kind of makes you feel like you have your own radio show or something if you’re worried about ambient sounds making their way into your recordings the road is a solid choice when your podcast includes two or more people you should not use USB mics using more than one USB mic at the same time often causes major communication problems between the mics and the device you’re recording to instead you should choose either dynamic or condenser mics which are analog mics with professional XLR connections these mics plug into a separate device like an audio interface or a portable recorder or even a standalone podcast machine so for example here’s the popular Shore sm7b

plugged into a focus right – I – scarlett audio interface which then connects to the computer so I can record an audio into my software of choice it’s a pretty simple setup actually and I’ll say that one of the things I like about audio interfaces is that they tend to have quieter cleaner preamps than other devices which allows you to capture a really high quality audio these interfaces are also often bundled with the useful software plug-ins for further editing your vocals after you’ve finished recording now I could do an almost identical setup with a condenser mic I’ve swapped out the sm7b for an AKG 214 a great sounding condenser that’s an excellent choice for vocal recording so that begs the question why choose a dynamic mic over a condenser or vice versa well there are some differences between the two that are important to know when it comes to choosing which is best for you dynamic mics are known to reject background noise very well so if you’re going to be conducting your podcast in a room there’s a lot of ambient sound or even distracting noises think a kitchen with a humming refrigerator or the neighbors noisy air conditioner then a

dynamic mic would be a wise choice a dynamic mic is also advantageous when you have more than one podcaster speaking as the mic is less likely to pick up much of the other person’s voice something to keep in mind is that dynamic mics require a bit more microphone technique in that you need to try and keep your mouth close to the mic to ensure consistent recording levels now condenser mics differ from dynamics a few ways the first being that they require something called phantom power or plus 48v which basically gives them enough juice to operate properly this isn’t something you really have to worry about because most good audio gear gives you the option of engaging phantom power for condenser mics with a simple flip of a switch condenser mics are also much more sensitive than dynamics so they’re well suited for quiet or professionally treated recording environments in addition to utilizing audio interfaces you can use dynamic or condenser mics to record into a separate audio recorder like this zoom h6 this is a good option if portability is important to you especially if you’re recording a podcast outside or in an area where you really need to maintain a small footprint

things to keep in mind though are that portable recorders tend to have less professional preamps and interfaces and they often only have one headphone output so you may need to use an external headphone amp if you have multiple people in your podcast lastly after you’ve recorded with one of these recorders you will need to transfer the audio to a computer for editing purposes alright I want to talk about standalone podcast machines for a minute companies like rode and zoom and put out gear that is specifically made to accommodate podcasts the advantage to an all-in-one podcast machine is that you have the option of recording to the device alone using it as an interface with your computer for recording to software or recording to both device and your computer simultaneously stand-alone podcast machines also have convenient features like multiple microphone inputs faders to control audio levels sound paths to add audio effects of backing music USB connectivity to interface with your computer multiple headphone outputs for podcast talent and a lot more let’s move on to podcasting accessories and talk about a few things you should have or may even need for your setup headphones you should invest in a decent

pair of over ear closed back studio headphones this type of headphone does a good job of keeping sound from leaking out it tends to be comfortable for long hours of use most importantly studio headphones are more accurate and reproducing sound so you can hear what things really sound like when you’re talking you don’t have to buy anything crazy or expensive models like audio Technica’s ATH m20x or m30 X are good examples of affordable quality headphones for podcasting and there are a whole lot more out there if you have more than one person participating in your podcast but your gear only provides a one headphone output then you’ll need a headphone so everyone can hear what’s going on this Mackey hm4 is just one of many examples out there it would be a good solution for providing multiple headphone outs to your talent your podcast audio suffers from closes you know those hard consonant sounds like peas and C’s and T’s a pop filter will solve that issue some models only cost about 10 bucks and they’re definitely worth the investment depending on how you have your gear set up you’ll either want a weighted tabletop stand or a boom

arm choose whichever is the most comfortable for you one isn’t better than the other a quick note on incorporating phone calls into your podcast if you plan on recording calls for your show then you want to make sure that your podcast setup is equipped to handle these calls if you can try to get gear that has a mixed – function which enables you to integrate phone calls into your show clearly and without that annoying echo and feedback you sometimes hear interfaces like focusrite scarlett 4i for mark 3 feature mix – so – zooms l8 recorder in terms of how you connect your phone tear devices some allow for calls via bluetooth whereas others only provide analog connections through a mini jack when using a computer to handle and record your calls VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol applications like Skype and Google Hangouts have built-in features that let you record your phone calls you can even use iOS and Android apps to record phone calls directly to your smart phone or tablet to see how we handle phone calls for podcasting check out links in the description to our videos on focus writes for I four zooms l8 and Rhodes Road castor Pro when it

comes to editing your podcast you will need to use a computer and audio editing software let’s quickly highlight a few to show you the differences between them audacity this is a super popular software it’s mac and windows compatible and best of all it is free you can make precise edits export your audio in various formats import audio into your production pretty much whatever you want to do it’s also open source which means that the user community is constantly adding support to improve the program GarageBand if you’re a Mac user you should have gotten a free version of GarageBand that came with your computer this software allows you to record audio and MIDI and do basic editing and it’s really a more simplified less professional version of Apple’s logic but it’s certainly more than capable of letting you edit a podcast avid Pro Tools this is pretty much is considered the most professional software for recording audio and it has way more features than you’ll ever need keep in mind that Pro Tools runs on a subscription model so you’re gonna have to purchase the software then renew annually this is something to consider when you think about budgeting for your podcast setup at this point you’re ready

to record an edit your podcast so let’s go over some basic tips for recording great audio 1 choose good equipment that suits your needs and fits your budget to choose an environment that is as quiet as possible 3 use acoustic treatment to tighten the sound of your room if you hear a lot of echoes or sound bouncing off the walls try something like a rug or curtains in the room even acoustic foam to get rid of those issues 4 use good mic technique to ensure consistent recording levels 5 use a pop filter to prevent those closest we talked about earlier 6 set your mic gain so that your incoming level is roughly between 1/2 and 3/4 on the meter this will help prevent clipping and distortion in your audio and 7 this is pretty obvious but check everyone’s headphone levels before you press record now once you’re done recording it’s time to edit and there are some techniques you can employ to make your audio sound as good as possible for the purposes of this video I’m only gonna list some suggestive techniques however you should check out our video titled how to fix your audio in post-production which is linked in

the description below here we go 1 cut out unwanted audio from your recording pretty obvious to normalize your tracks to get your audio sitting at the same relative level 3 use EQ on your voice to enhance good sounds and remove harsh sounds see the link in the description to check out our video on how to use a parametric EQ to shape your sound for use a compressor to tame loud spikes in your audio 5 use a limiter on the overall mix to adhere to the loudness standards 6 use music in your intro outro and wherever else you want to provide a soundtrack to your show sites like the wolf music calm audio blocks epidemic sound and others all have subscription-based content that you can use of course if you’re a musician you can produce your own soundtracks for free once your podcast is ready to go how do you get it out there the first step is to choose a host site which is where all of your podcast episodes are gonna live popular podcast hosts are bus
captivate pot beam cymbal cast and a whole bunch more for every podcast episode you create the host will provide a syndicated feed to platforms that actually play your podcasts such as iTunes stitcher Spotify SoundCloud and others many hosting sites offer free trials so give them a whirl to decide which one suits your purposes and that’s it as you can see it doesn’t take a whole lot to get a podcast up and running and since podcasting is still the fastest growing audio medium available there is no better time than now to start your own show this is a bee from B&H thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time so you want a podcast but you don’t know how to sit I’m having a drink as soon as the six o’clock kids



sterk naar om hier een wel kunt een andere soort in haar video editing series op je houding en excellentie twenty one size dames extra feest de moment wel eens 2020 woon en michelle cream and this choice of video-editing software edgar fingertip frame gringoire ik spencer al die reed mp3 of which one is for you wel aardig hoor je niets en gewond en het doet nu je budget soort symposium etc dit is de radio editing software de verder best things you to starting and this journey is geoffrey kopieën van video-editing software kijken i work in mijn bericht en de veriest in video-editing software natuur zwier kunnen lukken dan doe jij niet een chromakey green screen journey lodger transitions tiny picture in picture prinses patrick thatcher en je kan lukken gedaan en stak naar zijn tables and see which offer brengt hier de requirements we nu niet

[Muziek] next up minuten trokken beurt budget willen star high end of tanks our final cut pro en premiere pro die ze de toe industry standards dat je probleem waar de final cut pro een formule is dan maak een application kos 219 en dollars premiere pro is mac en pc is het dorpsplatform kost 20 dollars in 19 en sets per month scandyna badge van de voordelen dat is er hier even hier zo het even more expensive in final cut pro x om scenario intypen for more than a hierna weer boos axel en plafonds en neroli gave dingen kadaver require in temse video-editing girl i recommend een boot dankzij de viewer youtuber vloog er een ik in accounting kreten betrekkelijk voor social media je nog kunt u niet motie gaan mijden tien uur doen niet advanced mediamanagement midget richting

mijn team in de adressen voor de verkenner film maar zoek een enorme spreiding filmen of the case may be doen in de loop die dit functionaliteit ze wil me get en en te de mormont air range of in uw editing software single eighteen mijn twee personen de functionaliteit de fijne oa en premia brengen waar for faster quarter of de prijs is wordt pointing out de steeds de bhv relationship met de complete mix veel modder of course ik ook jeugd-tbs objecten hs-pro soepel en wat daar in mijn ter hedde gucci premiere elements to save us and credible alternative ik hem 6629 dollars naar compared with 16 in dollars voor vermoorden en 19 een dollars voor standalone kopie of powerdirector 9 10 glamorise worden great experience from i am almost a minus is prima wel met 2022 look ‘s-track premiere elements 1919 een

evolutionair geluk er is functionaliteit functionaliteit gadgets dit nou in joy the experience and risk of getting some people at ik mis is een issue of shadow bij de jazz door miljarden rock together in een kamp de cretin user-friendly software zo centrum 20 in december pin din in addition to zo’n 5 a wit keer premiere elements en miss barry mijn been optie voor je ecoloog eddy in the space in the app to be space next up is a few more apps en cyberlink powerdirector deze bordure jullie impressiemanagement okinawa parade rechter tbs because of 2020 wil dit mede kopje en veel boek van mac users free with tree we ze pc’ om de pvv de tien software zoals mijn werk frambozen en de china geschudde verder light geen turf finder software tremendously cape point in een dollars zo snel cheap en harten cla laveleye bestelling te functie dat je speel voor final cut of premiere pro

bono s stok red cheaper than those opties en hartfield functionaliteit nautique hey meneer shaw you require some great picture in picture privéchauffeur motion tracking en hoe bunch of other stuff checken de table in the video’s of door editing kijk daar bowling twee dan beloof je kind ccb thank you smile you’re getting back cover for more axe shower and yes we’re sponsor bij de camber is hard not be impressed het epische software ondertent incarnation of this video editing software and recently i just a dit motion tracking zijn reframing ze wil ik u biedt detection single een numeriek naar den tv of thematiek met de beecher franc chf starting point for where to make as you wanted to the music really impressive kiezer software en familie filmmore hem vermoorden ex is de cruises de proxy mission 2 final cut pro

en trams en functionaliteit en user experience a less than a quarter of de prijs uit het linker filmmore het absoluut nodig is from a creators perspectief een entry-level tinten media creator perspectief dus het hangt af en toe even een keer in final cut pro premio hema voor plugins dat we kost alistes mars als homo ronde standalone bases de het zoekwoord elements in er ook in zijn speech for both in mooji’s me toe en roos over de prijs edgar een soort assembler final cut in de haast de split screen template wordt er absoluut fantastic very cherry phoeniciërs en in de great ze tonen muziek checks and narrow redding en wonen vinkje recommend is vriendin supplier for the free music met dat kost money and specially for the early days of future new york starten de youtube channel je doen hoef je in een mica version dringen je door niemand is pensioen marsman is een fiduciaire wavedisp iphone pc software

hp deed zo word je jong op ene vinger 12 voor je video editing software in 2000 en twintig was wel de sauvignon insider om moest all of them have structuur functionaliteit en trams of expert zo we nu expo residu met ipl door resolution outdoor bbq wordt gemaakt al over het hallo te staven stuks het van snel teams van wordt dik en dun da free after als het jennifer mythe dokkumer de draad kabel things de eind niet to point out deze pc software godin te winchen er is opa nestle concrete get my head rye whysky software is free mieke ze huizen functionaliteit goals of ik sinds final kapitein en de doop is premiere pro but is free to why we have less conversation er veel wordt een aparte rechter fysieke structuur davinci resolve the issue der familie nestje de sos binnen kees familie is die en zijn team in this list e-learning gaf ik

was een soepkom hax really really of big thing you in for a more advanced user naar yes you kids tuin nk jeugd je een grewsome geen een training course and get to grips with u hoeft dan na of zelfs en en religieuze go dong game roms waar usable en is amazing and preferred een entry-level créateur youtuber worden voor de case may be je kunt dus kronkel was er naast de bottom line aum namah neus is intens en having a story ze naar de snor absoluut andere zijn minst in de kas otherwise this profile business with kring tp 300 doses voor final cut gifting for free on the features of heleboel een bord mac of pc review time en inclination was absoluut geen ambon choice er wit laforma we technologie met imovie het frans witte mac and works is dit uw beeld shop together video’s en ik spoor je video’s nog eens technologie mijn dingen die rust hem dus active power ook zo je kunt dromen key

green screen for example in the gap wedge futures ingenieur facts en al wij kennen staf windows moviemaker in shock een parabool option for peace het idee voor de 19e eeuws lk wil ik op iets wat ampère deze profileerde quick job of zo zo da’s artikelen video-editing software landscape het stof twenty twenty one was a great opties van east region for free oude wetering hoi ik spencer de laat me nog wat mist een dingen die komen below is wordt pointing er door de auto managers de game i give to be a camera europese software is wordt kunt u weten dat counts software is nog een team ik gekregen helling film zit je editing en as per your fingers urinating de deur met de software hi hi muur club te de music-hall langer doos clubsite een trein te telen story in the first place which includes one after the other zal het alarm begrepen cube ook duinen met in heavily selecteer transitions and
try to box en thorn enzovoort english zelf ook op uw op haar video-editing software getting is qua foto van mono’s terugkeer john cage was in de comments below and we will see you next time


16 Free Online Video Editors and Animation Tools – YouTube

okay it’s looking for music for makers let’s talk about free video editors if you’ve been thinking about trying video a little bit more but you feel intimidated by either the cost or the learning curve today I’m going to share with you a few free tools that really take a lot of the work out of video production now before we get to that I do want to have a little disclaimer here I made a video like this already in the past and after a little while some people started leaving comments especially their frustrations that none of the tools were free just so we’re on the same page I have no involvement with these tools and as a result I have no control over whether they discontinued their free plans or change in any of the details about them so just want that to be clear along the same lines a lot of these tools will watermark your videos if you’re using the free plan this is likely to encourage you to upgrade to a paid plan but again that’s just something to keep in mind not all of them do that though so I’ll make sure to call out the tools

that don’t watermark your videos okay now that we have that out of the way let’s jump in to these 16 tools and yes I said 16 so please keep in mind that this is going to be a quick overview and I may dive deep into some of these tools in a later video but again this is going to be hitting the highlights so let’s start with Adobe spark now you’re probably familiar with Adobe as the creator of Premiere Pro and After Effects and a lot of other great creative tools they also make one called spark which is basically a really stripped down video editing tool it can actually do a lot of other things including image creation and an even like website creation or web page creation but we’re gonna focus on video so the way that spark is set up it’s really similar to like a presentation software so you’re essentially you know moving slides around to create a video you’re adding text writing images you can add voiceovers and video and all that one thing that’s kind of unique about spark is that you can sync it across different device if you can seek your projects so that means if you’re

out doing something and decide to shoot a video or you know and record an interview you can actually start that on your phone and then sync it and finish it on your computer so that’s a pretty cool feature next up is animaker now as you might gather from the name and a maker is an animation tool and what’s pretty cool about it is is it provides several you know range of of characters and props and backgrounds all these animations and illustrations they’re already done for you and basically all you have to do is cuss then pick the ones that you want to create the particular scene that you want for your project in addition you can also upload your own media assets or your own footage or audio and you can add text and change colors as far as limitations go you can only create five two minute long videos per month and you can only export to Facebook or YouTube to directly download the file you’ll actually need to upgrade to a paid plan next up is animatronic studio which is another animation tool very similar to animaker except that it’s limited the free plan at least is limited to personal use only so if you’re creating a video for business purposes or

commercial purposes then you should probably skip this one and use a different tool just like animaker animatronics to do allows you to pick from pre created animation of an illustrations piece them together to create a custom video with very little work you can also upload your own media assets add text and export your project as an html5 video next on the list is biteable white opals are really straightforward tool it’s easy to get started because they provide a lot of templates so whether you’re working on an explainer video or sales video there’s probably a template that can really help you get started quickly there aren’t too many surprises with biteable you can upload your own media assets or use what’s provided you can add audio and text and when you’re finished you’re going to eat there exports you Facebook and YouTube or actually directly download the file one thing to keep in mind is you can only create five videos per month cliff camp is another great option and they actually don’t want or mark your videos the catch is it’s only for personal use so again that means if you’re creating something for commercial reasons you’ll need to use another tool

in this list that said it’s a very easy tool to use it actually reminds me a lot of my movie and that you essentially just drag and drop your different media files so you can upload your own stuff where you can use the stock stuff that’s provided basically you just move stuff around at transitions at text and audio and then while you have a you have a video up next is probably my favorite tool and my most recommended free tool and it’s called headliner now the reason this is my most recommended is a it works very well but B it’s free of course but there’s no watermark and it’s it’s good for commercial use so it’s one of the few tools on here that there’s really no restrictions that I can think of in addition there are some very unique features on headliner that you don’t get from these other tools one is a waveform generator so let’s say you have a podcast and you want to create a video version of it so that it gets wider distribution well one way you can do that is with headliner so you just basically upload the audio track and a headliner analyzes it and creates a dynamic waveform video out of that

podcast so that when people are listening they have something kind of more interesting than just a you know an image to look at another thing they do is auto transcribe videos so if you upload a video it’ll actually automatically add captions to that now that’s it’s you know you’re gonna have to get in there and kind of update and tweak and make sure everything is right but it’s a very you know easy way to get started and it kind of speeds things along finally they have kind of this magical setting that basically when you give it a blog article it will summarize that into a video they use artificial intelligence and maybe a little bit of magic but it’s pretty cool and it’s a way again if you aren’t great with video but you create a lot of content and a lot of articles it’s a great way to kind of repurpose that content and get it to a wider audience in addition to all of these things headliner offers kind of the basics so you know rearranging Clips adding audio adding text and transitions allows you to change the ratio of the dimensions of your video so if you want to turn a landscape into a square or a portrait you can do that and then you can export it at 1080p which is pretty

high quality compared to the other tools list one word of warning is I have noticed that sometimes when I upload high quality footage and edit within headliner and then download that same footage sometimes the quality it looks a little bit degraded it’s not a deal-breaker but I think it is important to point that out next up is cup Queen now cup ween is an interesting tool because they offer a you know all-in-one video editor but they also offer all these different functions of the video editor separately so they kind of simplify things and break things up when you first look at the Poynting you’ll probably notice that it’s it looks a little bare bones it looks a little more utilitarian than some of the other tools on this list but that doesn’t make it any less useful if wing offers several different features and both its full-blown editor and unbundled and its various tools so whether you want to add music to your video or just trim a video or resize it you can do all of that as well as kind of the more standard video editing things like adding text to a video and all of that when you’re finished you can export it to 720p

resolution video the next tool is a lot different from what I’ve covered so far it’s called loom and it’s actually a screencast and and webcam recording tools so it basically records your computer screen and your webcam at the same time so you know this is great for if you’re shooting tutorials or even doing maybe sales videos or customer support because it allows you to show your viewers something like a computer screen and then while still having your face they’re talking and smiling to them boom is fantastic also because there’s no watermarks and it’s it’s currently totally free there’s no storage limit there’s no video limit you can download your video as an mp4 or you can share a link where people can comment and leave emoji reactions to your video you can also password protect your video so that’s kind of a unique little feature there as well next on the list is a few a tool that I think is really designed for short form videos such as Facebook or instant now off you actually offers two versions of its tool there’s a simple version that promises you can make a video in just five steps and then there’s a more

advanced version for people who might consider themselves experts and video editing if you opt for the simple version I think the tool really works best if you use a static image and then overlay animations of text and other effects on top of it that seems to be the way it was designed at least in my opinion now the advanced editor does seem capable of doing more you know linear based editing work but regardless of which version of the tool you use you can you know upload your own image assets or video assets you can change the text and and actually set default colors and fonts and logos which could be a time-saver if you use the tool very often and then finally you can export the project at 360 P if you want another animation tool you should try pal toon palette oon is very much like animaker and animatronic studio Pal soon may actually be the most generous of all three animation tools because you can actually create an unlimited number of videos beyond that it’s kind of what you would expect based on the other two so there’s a lot of pre created animations illustrations you can

use there’s various templates and styles so there’s the popular whiteboard or cartoon styles and in addition to that you can upload your own material you can add music all of that up next is render forests which I used to create this little 3d animation right here render forest allows you to create an unlimited number of videos up to 5 minutes long you can choose from a variety of templates and styles add background songs or upload one of your own like if you purchase one of my songs you could upload that and then you can publish to YouTube or Facebook or just directly download the file next up is rocket iam a very useful tool for creating social media videos since I’ve asked reviewed the tool rocket team have released a lot of new functionalities Cheers and I can no longer find the specifics of the free plan but I can tell you what I know based on my own personal experience first of all you’re limited to three videos per month but you can really jump start your process with 30 different QuickStart themes from there you can customize text and colors admiralty free images and video and

audio and even change your project to different orientations depending on where you’re planning on posting the video finally you can export your project at 720p resolution if you liked loom you’ll probably also like soap box by Wistia just like moon’s soap box by Wistia simultaneously records your screen webcam and audio from your computer microphone you can create an unlimited number of videos and while there’s not technically a watermark when you share your video link you’ll actually see a little promotional message about soap box so that’s kind of a catch with this one but it’s really easy to use and again that’s really great if you’re shooting tutorials or doing any kind of customer support anything like that next is type it so if you’ve ever used any kind of linear based video editor you’ll feel pretty comfortable with sekito under the free plan you can create up to four HD videos and buy HD I mean 1080p resolution and you can choose from three different orientations landscape portrait or Square as with most the tools on this list you can upload your own assets or use what’s

provided which are actually images pulled from unsplash and then you can add text or graphical overlays and music and finally you can either export to YouTube or Facebook or you can download however keep in mind that you’re only allowed to exports per video next on the list is WAV audio which is actually created by the same people who make animatronics to do unlike animatronics to do wave video is really focused on video not animation and with a free plan you can create up to ten two minute long videos there are various templates you can start with and there are more than 30 different aspect ratios that you can use for the dimension that yeah WAV audio has a large library of stock footage images and audio that you can use or again like most of the tools on this list you can upload your own and of course you can add text and the font style and then export to a number of different platforms including most social media sites or you can directly export to your desktop computer the last of all I’d like to share with you today is we’ve video a very basic and beginner friendly video editor we video is
definitely one of the more limited options on this list because you only have five minutes of video that you can create per month so I probably wouldn’t really recommend it that much but it’s another option that you have beyond that it’s pretty much like most of total in this list it’s a linear based editor pretty easy to use drag and drop you can add your own assets or use what they have but again you limited to five minutes a month so you know choose wisely boom thanks for hanging in there that was a long list sis you stuck around please drop me a comment below and tell me which of these video editors you’re most excited to try maybe what you’re working on and then while you’re at it be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe for more content like it until next time i’m logan for music for makers


Content Marketing For Beginners: Complete Guide – YouTube

if you’re new to content marketing and you want to learn how to use it for your business then keep watching because in this tutorial i’m going to walk you through a complete guide to content marketing for beginners stay tuned all right so let’s start with the basics and talk about what content marketing is simply put content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content to attract and retain customers meaning you’re creating blog posts videos podcasts or whatever promoting it and your content’s job is to lead people towards a profitable action now if you’ve never really bought this whole idea of content that sells this concept might not make a whole lot of sense or just sound cliche so to help you better understand i want to tell you about this piece of metal this is a jungle gym gymnastics bar for kids that i bought recently now in order to understand why i bought this product and how content influenced me to buy it let’s

rewind over the past year or so the city of toronto has locked down three times and this was the second time that they closed down playgrounds now when you have young children that are being forced to stay at home they literally climb everything so my wife and i started researching we searched on google for things like best home climbing equipment for kids we read some articles and scroll through the different types of products well this slide will get boring quick and we already have a bunch of tunnels and then we saw this a mini jungle gym so now we were heading in the right direction so we went back to google in search for best jungle gyms we read through some more blog posts narrowed our search down to items we might want to buy watch some videos only to realize that our oldest child would be too big for the toy so we went to amazon to look at more options found something like this read the reviews and then we bought it

we had a problem search for solutions and content from blogs videos and reviews led us through our entire purchasing journey and if you think about why and how you made your last purchase that wasn’t a necessity like groceries or clothes i bet content was involved along the way with so much information available at the tip of our fingers we as consumers will be influenced by content now the content we read and watched were from multiple sites and creators and the amazon seller who got our 100 bucks or so just happened to look up but through the power of content marketing you can intentionally integrate your company and products within these purchasing journeys let me show you an example of what we’ve done at ahrefs if you’re unfamiliar with our company we sell a suite of seo tools and in that suite is a keyword research tool called keywords explorer so let’s say you decided to use seo in

your digital marketing strategy and you wanted to find a keyword research tool to use you might go to google and search for list of keyword research tools you click on one of the results scroll through the list click on a few here and there but you’re still not ready to make a purchase because you realized i don’t even know how to do keyword research so you go back to google and search for how to do keyword research sure enough you recognize one of the names from the previous article you read plus they’re ranking high in google so you click through to their guide you skim through the guide and you’re impressed you’re also introduced to the tool keywords explorer but you gotta head out to the gym pick up the kids and get dinner prepared so life goes on as usual a few days later you decide to look for more keyword research tutorials so you go to youtube and search for keyword research sure enough you see that same brand that just won’t quit you click on the video you’re impressed

by the likes to dislikes ratio so you look at the comments and see a lot of positive ones so you keep watching mesmerized by the presenter’s wisdom you start taking notes and figure out how to do keyword research and throughout the time you spent learning how to do keyboard research you learned how to do it using our tools so not only have you been exposed to our brand and products numerous times through free content you’ve now been brought into our ecosystem through various searches simply because we were there when you needed us so naturally you’d be more inclined to purchase our tools because you’ve been educated on them content marketing helps to create awareness and attracts potential customers to your content your content engages them and builds credibility for your brand it converts visitors into customers it allows you to build a loyal following and for a software product like ours it helps retain customers because they learn how to do new things with our tools leading to increased

usage best of all your revenue compounds because unlike advertising where your ads stop appearing the minute you stop paying content that surfaces where and when your customers are searching is consistent and it’s important to note that no matter how good your content is if your products aren’t up to scratch then content won’t save you at least in the long haul so with all the flexing out of the way let’s talk about how you can do this for your business now the two main parts of content marketing is to create content and distribute or promote it and whatever you create should have the goal of attracting and or retaining customers let’s talk about the content creation side of things your content can be in various formats so that might be blog posts podcasts videos online courses infographics free tools templates ebooks checklists you name it as long as there’s demand from your target audience for that type of content then pretty much anything is fair game

now the type of content you choose will depend on the topic of your content piece for example a recipe would work well as a blog post and video but it probably wouldn’t be great as a podcast whereas an interview with gordon ramsay could work as a podcast video or even blog post but it probably wouldn’t be very valuable as a checklist as a general rule of thumb start with one format that works for you and rinse and repeat then consider exploring another channel for us we started with blog posts and then eventually branched out to videos as our team grew now creating content alone isn’t enough because content isn’t the same as content marketing and unfortunately the notion of if you build it and they will come couldn’t be further from the truth and that’s why it’s important to have an idea of where you’ll be distributing this content some common distribution channels would include search which can be done through search engine optimization or paid ads

social media networks forums and communities or email newsletters for example if you have a recipe site then you’d probably want to optimize your content for google search youtube and or pinterest because these are channels where lots of people are actively looking for recipes every month now if you have a site on golf you might want to consider youtube google search and forums and communities because these are all places where your target audience would actively be looking for information on the topic again a general rule of thumb would be to pick two to three networks to work on and get really good at them for ahrefs our two main content distribution channels are google search via seo and youtube and our website gets over a million visits from google search every month and had nearly 600 000 views on youtube in march and because these are two channels we’ve been able to get great results from let’s spend the rest of our time on how to create and promote content on these

channels let’s talk about blog content first the two most popular distribution channels will be social media and search when you create content with social media as your primary distribution channel you’re taking on a lot of risk getting your blog content to blow up on social media is very unpredictable and while there are tools that can help you see how many times a post gets shared you don’t know why they were shared i mean did they do outreach to get influencers to share their content do the creators of that content already have large existing audiences or are all of these shares fake because they were purchased to inflate popularity there are way too many variables which is one of the reasons why we stay away from trying to create viral type content plus social media traffic tends to start with a big spike but it ends up flatlining leaving your content dead in the water as for seo traffic it’s much easier to create predictable and consistent results that will stand

the test of time and there are three basic steps to this process the first step is to find topics that are relevant to your business and this step is often referred to as keyword research to get started use a keyword research tool like ahrefs keywords explorer and enter some topics that are broadly related to your niche so assuming you have a site that sells an online course on parenting you might search for parenting and toddler next go to the questions report which will show you keywords phrased as questions as well as the search volume for those keywords and questions are often problems that your target audience may be facing now since we’re selling an online course you’ll want to look for topics that are closely or at least somewhat related to your product so something like how to discipline a toddler might be a good fit since you sell a parenting course the next step is to create the right type of content google tries to surface the most relevant content for any given query

so the right type of content from an seo perspective is one that meets the searcher’s needs this is called search intent which represents the reason behind the searcher’s query and you can determine this by looking at the top ranking results or if you’re using keywords explorer you can hit the start button to see the top 10 pages along with their seo metrics in this case they’re all informational blog posts where many have gone with a tactical angle so you’d probably want to go this route too to have a fighting chance at ranking and the last step is to promote your content promotion can take many forms and it’s best if you go with an inside out approach meaning start with channels closest to you and then move outwards to reach new audiences so you might start by posting on your social media accounts and sending new content to your email newsletters then you may want to branch out to communities you’re involved in that might be reddit quora or social groups that allow link sharing and finally you’ll want to do some

blogger outreach to get backlinks and this is what you’ll need to do to get your pages ranking higher on google now we’ve only scratched the surface here with google seo so if you want to learn more then check out the playlist in our description to our completely free seo training course where you can learn how to get organic traffic from search month over month as for youtube content there are three main ways we select topics for content the first way is for youtube organic search views to do that go to ahrefs keywords explorer select the youtube tab to get youtube search data and enter a broad keyword related to your niche next go to the phrase match report now since youtube content is almost always informational you can skim this report and look for relevant keywords to your business for example parenting styles might be interesting because again our hypothetical site sells an online course on parenting and people searching for this would probably be interested in it

so i’ll take that keyword and type it into youtube search again i’ll look at the top three videos and see if there are any commonalities and do my best to create a video that matches searcher intent we have a full video on doing youtube seo which has been a major factor in our channel’s growth so i’ll link that up in the description the second way is to create content on unique topics that might draw in your target audience now the reason why we do this is because youtube is both a search and social platform and because there is that social aspect to youtube their algorithm rewards videos that attract a lot of clicks that lead to high watch times so by creating content on a popular topic in your niche that no one else has really talked about you can potentially get a ton of clicks and if your content is good enough people will watch it for longer periods of time leading to youtube promoting your content to similar audiences now coming up with your own ideas will

come down to creativity but a simple formula you can use is main topic plus main attractor for example we created this video called link building with google ads our main topic is link building which is a popular seo strategy and the main attractor is with google ads and that’s because no one was really talking about how to use google ads to actually get backlinks to your site so we created our own case study where we shared all of the details with complete transparency and the third way is to create a series series work well because they’re meant to be watched in sequential order this can lead to overall longer watch times across your entire channel and the longer people are watching your content the more youtube will promote your videos but the biggest benefit is that if your content integrates your offerings in an organic way there’s a significant amount of exposure to your products for example our seo course for beginners

teaches how to do seo and naturally we use both our free and paid tools in it and this series has accumulated well over ten thousand hours of watch time in under two months to put this into perspective that’s about 426.6 days or 1.17 years of continuous content consumption so potential series ideas might be courses case studies building something in public or if you want to go with more of an entertainment angle vlogs and shows work well too depending on your niche now as for the promotion side of things youtube does a great job at promoting relevant content on their homepage and sidebar suggestions but if you don’t have an existing audience it can be tough to get that initial traction i won’t get into that here because we have a full tutorial on how to get more views on youtube when you’re just starting out as well as a video on how to get more subscribers

which will teach you a lot about how youtube works again links in the description now content marketing isn’t exactly a fast process it’s an ongoing one and i think this is why people often avoid it because we’re used to the idea of immediate results so we turn to things like advertising and direct mail and there’s nothing wrong with more traditional methods of marketing but content marketing is unique in the sense that it continues to contribute to your bottom line over time so i want you to think of content marketing like planting seeds if you want to grow an apple tree it can take up to eight years for it to bear fruit but that same tree will continually put food on the table for years to come and the longer you wait to plant that seed the longer it’ll take to start reaping the rewards so if seo interests you then i highly recommend taking our free seo course for beginners or if youtube is the channel you want to focus on then check out our playlist on youtube marketing and if you enjoyed
this video make sure to like share and subscribe for more actionable marketing videos like this one i’ll see you in the next tutorial