How to Create a Marketing Plan | Step-by-Step Guide

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so you’re ready to start marketing but you have no plan where do you begin what should you include how can you present it you have the questions we have the answers [Applause] [Music] hello world my name is mike plogger and here at visme we aim to make your work life easier whether it’s design presentations or marketing we have the tools to help you become a true professional marketing is a necessary operation for any business looking to take a leap towards success however if you don’t have the proper experience you might be lost on how to create a marketing plan and these are extremely helpful when it comes to understanding your business clarifying your goals staying focused and keeping everyone on your team on the same page in this video i’ll take you through the seven necessary steps to creating a winning marketing plan as well as share a number of templates you can start with right away shall we

understanding the purpose behind a marketing plan is step number one ideally it should be used to help you set your goals understand your target audience and optimize the impact of your marketing campaigns communicating your big strategy or idea is what your marketing plan is all about in order to do this every marketing plan should consist of the following number one your short and long-term marketing goals number two a description of your target audience and their persona and number three one or more high-level marketing strategies and tactics this infographic template available on visme right now features each of these key details it clarifies the objectives the target audience and strategies in an easily consumable page if you wanted to go the extra mile and include even more detail you can also add an overview of the current market situation key performance indicators budget or financial considerations or a timeline on when the plan will be

carried out typically all of this information is communicated on a pdf just like the one we just saw but if you’re feeling creative try creating an infographic a full presentation or an interactive web page to share your plan who knows it could be the difference between your plan and someone else’s without further ado let’s dive into seven steps for creating an effective marketing plan step number one start with an executive summary this is essentially a brief summary or overview of your entire company and the key details of your marketing plan it highlights the function of your business and the purpose of your plan this shouldn’t be very long the summary can include past achievements and the future direction of the company consider this template here the details are concise and to the point you want to tease your viewers on what’s to come and get them on the edge of their seats it’s not overwhelming just a quick introduction before you get into the

meat of your plan revisiting your company’s mission vision and values is important to highlight early on why it’ll provide clarity and answer any questions as to why your marketing plan is the way that it is it’ll show viewers you had this in mind throughout your entire planning process templates like this can help because it’ll educate or remind your viewers how your company got to the point they’re currently at and where you’re looking to be in the future one of the first steps with any plan is doing your research study the market study the competition what are others doing that’s working and then what can you do to make it even better deeply analyze your own company’s strengths and weaknesses touch on what you’re doing well but don’t be afraid to communicate what you think could be stronger a swot analysis or strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats is a great way

to present your research you can visualize the company’s path identify opportunities set goals and so much more this template right next to me can be edited in visme and is completely customizable from the text content to the colors fonts icons you name it you can edit all of our templates to match your brand you can do the same for your competitors compare your company with another one in the industry to see how they match up with one another side by side it can be eye-opening sure but take a hard look at the competition it’s crucial if you want to compete in the market after identifying your competition you must identify your target customer this will allow you to create more informed and tailored marketing strategies vote a person from scratch how old are they what’s their income what are their interests what do they value a template like this is perfect for putting that person you’ve built on paper and explaining him or her to your

audience during a presentation or during a meeting or what’s one way that’s almost always used when someone wants to explain themselves for a job well a resume of course this template more closely resembles an actual resume it includes basic information a photograph personality traits a bio goals frustrations you can edit it however you see fit to describe your target audience and if your target audience is a mixture of different people try creating an infographic with data widgets you can break down how much you should cater to one group or the other there’s a number of different charts and graphs you can use to help but this template went with pie charts to break down target customer percentages it’s easier to understand than if someone was trying to explain it without a visual [Music] okay you’ve done your research you know your audience now it’s time to outline your marketing goals what are you hoping to achieve with your marketing plan the

most important thing to remember with this step is to be specific with actual numbers if you’re hoping to achieve more web traffic don’t just say the goal here is to increase web traffic say my goal is to increase traffic to our site by 30 percent within the next three months you need a concrete goal not a blanket statement this template is simple easy to digest and lays out specific goals they’re all measurable and clear following the progress towards the goals won’t be difficult with how definitive they are and as i mentioned deadlines could be used as well if that’s the case a template like this could be more fitting in order for this company to accomplish a goal these three phases must be properly carried out marketing plans like this help viewers follow along as they can refer back to them if they start to get off track continuing off my last point our sixth step is to lay out your marketing strategy from beginning to end there’s

three details to write down and include with this step one what to do two how to do it and three the channels to use i highly recommend turning this into a visual so your team and audience can fully understand your thought process to make it even easier for them turn your strategy into a series of phases or steps it could look something like this clarifying what needs to be done in each step before moving on or if you want more certain dates and deadlines this template here could be even better specific dates are laid out from the first phase of the project to the launch if you want to ensure something is completed by a certain time we highly recommend using this template infographics in general are wonderful for displaying information in a way that is easy to understand people are much more likely to retain information paired with a visual rather than with text alone another template to consider is something like this lay out all of your information in a detailed manner leaving

nothing to the imagination last but not least detail the budget considerations for your plan how much is it going to cost in order to reach your goal it’s important to be clear with this up front at least as best as you can marketing can be costly and there are often a lot of hidden expenses this may be the most helpful template of all it clearly lays out the cost to your company try to set a cap early on so you have a goal to stay under from the jump [Music] okay we’ve covered the steps for preparing your marketing plan you should be able to put one together from start to finish but i did want to share just a few more visme templates that may help you depending on what industry you’re in this restaurant marketing plan template is versatile for either massive chains or local eateries you can replace the photos with your own and change the colors just like with other templates

if you’re in real estate and are part of a team or even if you’re operating your own business this template here can be useful the swot analysis included makes it perfect for businesses focused on property marketing maybe you work for a sas or content company and you’re looking to take your content to the next level this template will help you organize your editorial calendar so you’re able to reach your goals on time or what about social media we all manage our own pages of some sort and all businesses should have their own as well want more followers this template can lay out your goals describe your ideal followers and so much more this digital marketing template has a modern feel with a number of different features swot analysis executive summary goals strategies it has it all just waiting for you to hop on board and make it your own product marketing requires as much or more research into consumers as any form of marketing that’s why this template covers those basics as well as includes

the detailed marketing budget we covered just a minute ago want to market yourself build your own personal brand well visme has the templates for you too it’s just a simple three-page plan highlighting resume skills and experience before getting into your personal goals and it wouldn’t be a visme video without further discussing infographics visme has changed the game when it comes to presenting information in fun animated and clean designs this one page marketing infographic template contains all the necessary details and won’t overwhelm your audience okay now that you’ve done at least some of your research it’s time for you to get to work i highly recommend at least scanning visumy’s template collection there’s even more marketing templates past the ones that we’ve discussed today and they’re waiting for you right now head to to get started in the meantime thank you so much for watching if we were of any help we’d love for you to click that like button down below
and if that’s not in the cards well maybe next time we’ll see you again soon for now i’m mike blogger with visme helping you make information beautiful


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