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with more teams than ever working remotely you might be experiencing weaker communication and collaboration than usual but research actually shows that employees who work from home are in better health and more productive than those who commute long distances over the past decade and a half the number of people working remotely has skyrocketed 873 percent so this work from home life might actually be a trend that’s here to stay here at appSumo we already had employees working remotely throughout the states so we’re excited to take a deep dive today into the tools that have worked for us these products have streamlined our workflows and kept us efficient whether we’re inside or outside of the office first up our best team communication tool goes hands down to slack slack specializes in streamlining your team communication it provides an always-on digital communal space for you and your team to talk shop and collaborate instantly and

efficiently conversations can be organized into different channels for different subjects for an effortlessly uncluttered inbox next for our video calls and screen sharing needs we rely on zoom zoom has proven itself to be one of the most reliable tools out there for video calls and screen sharing with solid video quality and an intuitive interface most video conferencing tools either glitch freeze or lag yet zoom has continued to stand head and shoulders above the alternatives however we do want to give a couple of shoutouts first to Remo conference Remo conference is a virtual platform for hosting interactive digital events featuring keynote presentations panels and networking this digital event space is easy to navigate with segmented round tables that instantly connect you to a shared video chat you can also monetize the conference with sponsors and banners as well as run giveaways and promotions churches also want to shout out meat Fox

for its all-in-one package that lets you coordinate eating’s run video conferencing and send invoices with zero effort goodbye grunt work and as a bonus and meet Fox is available on appSumo right now as a lifetime deal next up for no code work flow management we use process stream it’s basically a super-powered checklists that walk your team through recurrent processes it’s an invaluable tool for streamlining processes with all of your teams across all departments and state lines you can automate workflows by easily prioritizing tasks and following clear well-written processes create custom process templates assigned tasks scheduled recurring tasks and track progress from the dashboard yes it can do it all and hot tip Summa links you can get your hands on a free trial of process Street right now last stop file management of course there’s all reliable Google Drive which lets your team store files documents

spreadsheets presentations and pretty much anything else in a secure location but I want to give an honorable mention to Ice Drive which makes cloud storage as secure as it is accessible with zero knowledge 256-bit two-fish encryption you can quickly drag and drop your files or upload them into the web app or mobile apps you can also mount the drive to your Windows desktop for all the functionality of an external hard drive with version histories saved in the cloud then share with your team using public links and direct user to user sharing Summa lanes we have even more recommendations on our blog click the link in the description to learn about the best tools for integrations password management spreadsheet databases screen recording and more and give this video a thumbs up if you want more absolute mehat tips on how to make remote teams work good old reliable Google Drive which
lets your team’s oh so close now I feel like I’m just talking to myself cuz there’s no one here on how to make remote team tool goes hands down to the seat already mess that up okay


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