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did you know that you can turn articles into videos and make five to six hundred dollars a day and ultimately make as much as 16 and a half thousand dollars per month in today’s video i will show you how to take an article like this as an example about push-ups or about any other topic and then easily convert it into a video similar to this video here which you can see has had 1.2 million views in just eight months i have been making money on youtube now for about three years and in the last 28 days on youtube i have made seven thousand dollars even though i have published zero videos so seven thousand dollars passive from the videos that i’ve uploaded onto youtube without making a single video this is just ad revenue i also make a lot more than this from affiliate marketing on youtube my channel is not unique though there is another channel just as an example this channel here weighs and how that has had 1.71 million subscribers

they produce very simple videos just one video per week that is about six to seven minutes long some are even five minutes and if we look at their stats on the website called socialblade so here we can type in waze and how and that will bring up their statistics you can see that on a daily basis this channel is making about a hundred thousand views and from that they’re getting up to five to seven hundred dollars a day in ad revenue of course they could also be monetizing this with affiliate marketing but this channel is making up to sixteen and a half thousand in just display ad revenue from the ads shown on their videos now the biggest problem for any person who wants to make money on youtube is creating videos after all if you could easily create tons and tons of videos you could very easily become successful on youtube because it takes time to make videos it’s the same for me

it’s the same for this channel here you know we all need a way to create videos quickly and one of the best ways to do this is to convert existing articles from all over the internet into cool videos on youtube very quickly in this video i’m going to show you how you can do this in about 15 to 20 minutes per video how you can go from an article on someone else’s website to having your own youtube video and then you can upload it and then you can make money from youtube so let’s get started so step one is to click the link in the description below and go to this page of this software called in video if you go to the nvidia website via my link in the description below you will be able to get a free account in video have several pricing tiers and you can start out on the free pricing tier which allows you to do a lot of things so there are three pricing tiers for nvidia there is free business

and unlimited with a free plan you will get access still to four and a half thousand templates i’m going to show you in just a second what kind of templates you can access and the videos that you produce will just have a watermark but that’s that’s totally okay if you later decide to upgrade to a business or unlimited plan you can remove that watermark and if you use my link and my coupon which is in the description below you will actually get 50 of this plan as well so it won’t be 15 a month it’ll be seven and a half dollars a month just check the link below and the coupon below as well but you can totally start with a free plan and the only drawback will be that your final output video will just have a little watermark but you can use four and a half thousand handcrafted templates you will get access to the stock media library etc so you can you can actually start out on the free plan once you’ve opened your account on in video you will be taken to the main screen that looks like this and

the first thing you’ll want to do is use this option here that’s called text to video so once you click here you will see that you can convert any text to an engaging video so for the purposes of this example today let’s say you want to create a video similar to these what happens when you do push ups every day for a month okay so let’s say you’ve found an idea for a video you can see that these kind of videos are getting a lot of views 1.2 million views in eight months and you want to create a similar video all alright so how do you go about this well inside in video once you go to this option text the video you want to choose the 16 by nine format because this is the format that youtube of course uses and then you can choose any of these pre-made video templates you can browse through and find the template that you prefer the most you can really go with any of them let’s just say we choose this one here called graceful and we click on it here you will see a little preview of what the typical slide looks like this is going to work just fine for us so we can click here use this template on the next screen you will see a couple

of options so option one says add your script here for the video option two says add your url here so we’re going to use this option here and this option too will allow you to paste the url of any article and import the script for the video into in video for that you will need to find an article that talks about benefits of push-ups that you can use as the base for your video so once you do a search you can take any of these articles here so let’s take a look at this article here that’s called 10 benefits of push-ups okay 10 massive benefits of push-ups so this is a good format because it’s got headlines and then a little bit of a description for each of the main benefits of the push up so we can just take this url over here okay and we will insert it into nvidia now a bit of a word of caution you don’t want to completely copy word by word everything that is said in this article because

that’s called plagiarism and may potentially lead you into trouble if you just steal the content luckily there is a very cool way to kind of repurpose this content and change the wording that i’m gonna show you now so option two let’s insert that article url into here click fetch and nvidia will now go and read this article and it will pre-populate the script and the basis for your video for you okay so now that our article has been fetched we can click this option here that says auto summarize to create a nice automatic summary of all of these sentences that will be done in a format that is great for video so let’s click auto summarize and you can now see that we’ve got what is called scene so we have scene 1 which is header then scene 2 which is a bit of a summary of the introduction scene 3 which is the next important part of the video etc so what nvidia has done is created all

these scenes it has created 30 scenes for us completely in an automated fashion and each of these scenes will effectively become a slide now guys remember what i mentioned just earlier you cannot simply take someone else’s content and use it you need to reword it so each of these scenes needs to be changed you can either reword each of the scenes yourself or you can use a program i’m going to show you both ways of doing this so scene one which is the header the opening of our video where it says benefits of doing push-ups let’s reword it a little bit we can just change it to say huge benefits of doing push-ups every day then scene two which is this um sentence that says perhaps one of the easiest exercise movements the standard push-up activates nearly every muscle in your body which yields far more than tone muscles and increased endurance so we want to take this and you can either rewrite it yourself so you can literally

just um change this yourself so delete and start typing yourself uh you know push shots are one of the best x so you can reword this yourself just so that you don’t get into any trouble by stealing someone else’s content okay or you can use a software to automatically reword this which is really nice and cool as well so i’m just going to press ctrl c on my keyboard to to copy this okay so select this and press ctrl c to copy it and then you can use this tool called quillbot and it will reword the article for you it’s really cool and there is a free version of it which you can use as well and now take this scene wording okay so this scene over here ctrl c to copy it and then paste it into here and click this button that says paraphrase over here and quillbot will rewrite it for you now notice how different this is it hasn’t just changed some of the words it has

actually paraphrased the sentence and changed the sequence of the words in the sentence so now it says the classic push-up is one of the simplest training actions since it engages practically every muscle in the body resulting in far more than just stone muscles and enhanced stamina all right now not every single sentence will end up sounding like it’s perfect english so you may need to just make slight changes but this actually sounds quite okay i might just need to make one change here where it says the classic push-up is one of the simplest training actions so i might just say one of the simplest exercises so let’s paste that into notepad i’m just going to change that to say is one of the simplest exercises so this is because okay it engages practically every muscle in your body resulting in far more than just stone muscles and enhanced stamina so now this sounds like this is proper english so let’s now copy this and paste it back into nvidia for this scene so you will then want to go ahead and you will want to do this for every one of these scenes so reword it

so for example for scene 3 we’re going to take it ctrl c to copy insert it into here click paraphrase wait until it paraphrases it and then double check and make sure that it’s okay and copy it back into video so now it says this exercise requires the use of virtually every major muscle in your body to complete the action so once again we just want to change this a little bit so would not be to complete the action but to complete this exercise okay this exercise like that so i’m just going through and basically slightly amending what quillbot has done for us quillbot does most of the work it’s a really really cool tool let’s go back into nvidia and change that into c3 so i’m not going to bore you you don’t have to watch me do this for every single uh scene you can go ahead and do this but very important do not just copy and steal someone else’s text change it either rewrite it yourself or use quillboard to rewrite it alright now after you have done every single scene the next step is to click this button

here at the bottom that says go to storyboard and that will create what is called a storyboard for you where you can edit and finalize the layout of your video alright so then as you can see nvidia has created the first draft of our video and we have 30 scenes so this is scene number one out of the 30 scenes that we have created all right so it’s all been done automatically we can preview each of these scenes like this it looks nice but of course uh this hasn’t actually got any videos of the push-ups but this is okay the other scenes have got some videos of push-ups we can now kind of go ahead and edit uh most of these to make sure that they’re all making sense along with the titles so first of all on the left hand side we can go and put in push-up click search and you will see that all the different media that’s available

comes up okay so we can take this very first one that um for example this one over here we can drag and drop the media about the push-up and this will automatically insert this video about push-ups see so there is a guy doing the push-ups okay we can choose trim video to fit scene just to make sure that it’s five five uh 5.5 seconds and then click done and then let’s get rid of this media over here and just like that we have made this edit so see we now have the text and the video behind it that is actually making sense okay then we can go into here this is our kind of second scene we can preview it we can see that here is a guy kind of doing push-ups here and we’ve got we’ve got the text over here as well explaining push-ups so this actually works for us this third scene has also got these guys so we can choose something else we can just take another one of these push-up videos

all right and we can drag that over here again we can click trim video to fit scene that’s click done get rid of the other one and now this particular scene [Music] all right it is all making sense because there is actually a push up here as well so you’ll just need to go ahead and continue substituting the videos that nvidia populates for you with any of these videos on the left hand side now you’ll notice a couple of things here you will see that there is remove watermark and that some of these videos and clips have got istock and kind of like the premium icon on them you can actually upgrade for free if you use the link in the description below you can upgrade for free so just click this button upgrade for free and where it’s got either monthly or yearly plan for example if you choose the monthly plan as i said if you use my coupon you can get 50 off

so you can either choose the business or the unlimited plan and you can try either of them for free for seven days so you can do this for seven days and make as many videos as you want so just click on one of these and see where it says have a coupon code make sure that you use a coupon code that is cb50 cb50 it’s also in the description below you need to use my link for that as well and if you click apply you will see that you’ve instantly got a 50 discount so instead of 30 a month it’s now 15 a month and if you pay yearly of course it’s even cheaper instead of 180 per year it becomes 90 per year okay so just make sure you use my coupon for that so as you’re editing each of these scenes while you’re editing you can preview what each of these scenes will look like just by clicking the play button and you can also see what your whole clip would look like by clicking here preview all that will give you kind of like a preview of the overall video

all right like this you can see that some of the text is just a little bit too long so you can certainly edit that and just kind of shorten it so maybe just benefits of doing push-ups okay like this to make sure we don’t lose any of the text just make it a bit shorter once again here see it says text is too long split as suggested so maybe we just delete this bit and make it the classic push-up is one of the simplest exercises like this okay so if we after these changes we preview this now uh this will give us an idea whether it looks okay now alright so this is a lot better now it fits now this fits as well it says classic push-up is one of the simplest exercises as you go through and edit all of these scenes it usually takes about 10-15 minutes so it’s quite a quick process to make sure that your text is okay

and to choose the appropriate video footage you can also use the images if you don’t want to use the video footage you can actually search the images so once again i can just put in a push-up for example here and if i click search that will bring in all of the images that you can use as well so that’s an option for you as well then you can also look at the music so if you want to change the music that this video uses or if you want no music you can change that through in video as well and just like that quite simply and easily you have created your youtube video you basically taken an article this article here and you have turned this article into a video once you’re happy with how your video is looking you can download it and share so just click this button here download and share and that will allow you to export your video onto your computer so the free plan allows for 720p

resolution but as i showed earlier in the video if you click the link in the description below and if you use my coupon cb50 you can actually upgrade to a premium plan with a 50 discount using my coupon and then you’ll be able to upload with 1080p definition and you will also remove all of the watermarks that will appear on your video as well i also highly recommend that you join the nvidia facebook group they have about 24 000 members so just go into facebook search and under groups type in video and join this group called video marketing creation hard by nvidia okay in in this group you can get feedback on all of your videos you can get help support um just sort of ask any questions it’s a very engaged group 24 000 members in there so guys just to summarize the process once again is to find a video idea you can find that by searching what other videos are popular on youtube the second step is to find an article on google because if you want to convert

an article into a video it’s best to actually find that article first and then import it and into in video showing the steps that are shown to you before earlier in this video you can import the whole article from a website into in video very importantly after that you have to make sure that you change the script so don’t just use someone else’s content either rewrite the each of the scene wording yourself inside in video or use a tool such as quillboard to automatically rewrite it and make it unique so that you’re not stealing someone else’s content once that is done go into the editor change each of these scenes so you can change the underlying video media or audio media or even images that only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to process for every single scene in your video and then you export the video out of in video onto your
computer and then your video is ready to be uploaded to youtube you can also use these videos of course on your website you can share them on facebook any way you want this is just a very simple and quick process to turn your articles into videos anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes and doing something very similar i showed you a channel that makes as much as 16 and a half thousand dollars a month using and producing similar videos if you guys want to learn another super powerful way of making money on youtube make sure to watch this video over here smash the like button and subscribe to my youtube channel thank you so much for watching i’ll see in the next video


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