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so podcasting has been around for a while but I feel like within the last two years it went full mainstream in 2019 it seemed like everyone was starting a podcast from celebrities to youtubers to your mom’s friends cousin I mean it’s really become what making a blog was in 2008 I even started listening to a few in really started loving it for mindless tasks road trips cleaning and even now for quarantine II when I saw how many influencers and almost celebrities like people that have been on The Bachelor have made podcasts I thought there’s gotta be money in this and I was right since I don’t have a podcast myself I called on a few people I know with podcasts to figure out how much people make from these so today we’re gonna explore the whole podcasting landscape how much it costs to get started and how much you could expect to make so when it comes to monetizing podcasts

I found in my research but there’s a couple ways people do this depending on the size of the audience podcasts I already have a large audience we usually join a podcast network you’ve probably heard these at the beginning of very popular podcasts ramble the following podcast sees a lot of these networks require at least 50,000 downloads per episode a podcast network groups together a bunch of popular podcasts and is able to sell the ad space in bulk to advertisers which secures each podcast sponsored ad breaks this allows each podcast in a network to have access to more sponsorships so a lot of them are able to have four or more ads within a podcast so people can of course choose where they want to put in these ad breaks for example if you’ve ever listened to Tim Ferriss his podcast dude puts like five minutes straight of an ad in the beginning I skipped through the whole thing I don’t know who is listening to that but good for him because I’m sure he’s making Bank in fact I found a blog post he has that pretty much says how much he makes and

guys it’s a lot and don’t worry we’ll go into the specifics of how much people make what we’re getting there so I’m sure there are some networks that do go below 50,000 but in general podcast networks are gonna want people that do have thousands not hundreds of listeners but there is a service that will take literally anyone with not even their first listener and let them monetize and it’s called anchor they’re not sponsoring this I wish they were so this website anchor is really common for people that are in the range of 10,000 downloads or less per episode like I literally just signed up for anchor and they already are letting me do a sponsored ad reached granted it is for anchor itself so this is probably just their way of getting new users to actually use anchor but still this is a way for people the smaller following to immediately start monetizing so let’s take a look at the first podcast this is

from Jordan Rebecca and York based youtuber with a podcast called work so essentially I interview all these people in my life who I think are inspirational give great career advice and have just like really cool jobs that people would describe as dream jobs super quickly out of college and kind of talk with them about how they got their internship advice she produces her podcast herself and has been using anchor to monetize from the past six months anchor actually operates pretty similar to YouTube Adsense just like YouTube you have a CPM but in this case is a cost per thousand listen so I have one Adam’s beginning one ad and one out in the middle of the podcast so it starts off with an ad and then there’s a break in the sector and nothing at the end I’m sure if you had more sponsorships on angry eyes or I just have to yeah so but I think if you had four or five you could probably add more add breaks in there so we can see anchor offers a $15

CPM for a 30 second a breed so two of these in an episode would give a $30 CPM so I get I’m probably like just over a thousand lessons per episode I can kind of assume that if I upload a podcast episode I will make probably just over or just under a hundred dollars so for the amount of lessons around a couple thousand and episode a hundred dollars is really good money compared to how much you would make on YouTube for that same amount so here’s a video of mine that in the last week has earned an extra two point five thousand views and we can see that it’s only made fourteen dollars so not even close to how much a podcast would earn it’s honestly I feel like then kind of easier than YouTube because I feel like I spent so many hours on a YouTube video I think it’s way easier to make money on a podcast I’ve been making YouTube videos for a really long time when I started it took a while to get YouTube to monetize

like a certain amount of subscribers or something I don’t know if it’s still that way it’s been super easy for me and I’ve made more money with the podcast and I have probably for a lot of YouTube to be honest and then a much shorter amount of time I’ve made much more money on the podcast so as you can see Jordan is able to make a nice side hustle out of her podcast and I think this is really cool because that 1 to 2 thousand listeners number is pretty realistic for a lot of people to get to now let’s take a look at how much you can make with much more views say 50,000 per episode I talked to Gretchen Garrity and Katie Pilate who both have podcasts that get over 30,000 downloads per episode about what it’s like to monetize with this size of audience so let’s start with how much you could make per ad break in the 30 to 50,000 download range I mean I

typically transparency open with this I get a thousand a mention or my audience which like I said it kind of fluctuates between 35 to 60,000 downloads depending on how long it’s been up we’ve kind of pitched it as like a 33,000 it’s how many listens I got just because that’s the lower end so appetizer Kindle if that’s the bare minimum of what they’ll get they’ll likely get more but that’s what they’re gonna get you know kind of guaranteed so in the 30 to 50 thousand download range we can see it’s somewhere around $1,000 per as break now to get the full picture let’s take a look at how many a breaks people typically do in a podcast so in your podcast how many ads do you do usually usually it’s like minimum one every single one just in the beginning to say sign for like six months or I don’t even know what it was and then other ones are kind of just here and there do I feel like it usually is between like one and three I we do to add grace in episode as a listener of podcasts I get pretty

irritated when it’s like more than that like throughout the episode I like can’t you know they won’t get a word in without having another ad break so I don’t know it’s a personal thing I used to do wine I recently increased it to two and I find that no one’s really had an issue with it so you pretty much you decided to do to add bricks do you find that you could do more like does your network bring you more yes for sure I think I could definitely do a lot more I’ve even considered doing some at the end I mean I feel like if I did more and have to extend my podcast to be longer at least because my kind of on the shorter end I feel like most people do good over an hour mine are only 45 minutes so depending on the amount of AD breaks a podcast in the 30 to 50,000 download range could make anywhere from one to five thousand dollars per episode so so I don’t know about you guys but I’ve listened to podcasts that range from no ads at all to five ads per episode so with the same amount of downloads two

podcasts could be making very different amounts with this thirty to fifty thousand range one podcast could make two thousand episode while another makes four thousand episode it really just depends on how many ads you put in one other thing to know is that the podcast networks do take a percentage podcast networks primarily are gonna bring someone sponsors but they can also edit the podcast make cover art helped set up merch set up a live tour like hold your hand but they are gonna take a higher percentage for each of those things I’ve heard um the low end of podcast network will take 20% and on the high end up to 50% which I just can’t imagine being worth it hardly ever so really if you’re getting 30 to 50,000 downloads you do three ads you make 3,000 in episode your podcast network takes 30% you’re left with 2,100 per episode so that’s a more realistic look at what someone is gonna be making with that amount of downloads so you can really see how these podcasts

that are going half a million to a million downloads can be making quite a lot over the course of the year half a million downloads could bring in 20,000 an episode with only two ad breaks and in 52 weeks that’s a little over a million dollars in a year so that’s really a look into how much podcasts can make I learned a lot in making this video and thought it was super interesting how podcasts for the amount of time you’re putting in can be a lot more lucrative than YouTube they’re also a lot less expensive to get started everyone I interviewed in this video used a microphone under $200 blue Yeti USB mic so I use a blue the blue Yeti might be a purse it’s only $150 so if you’re starting a podcast it’s a really solid

microphone I’ll link it down below if you want to check it out a less expensive option would be to use a pair of earbuds with a mic I feel like almost everyone has a pair of these headphones lying around and they actually have a little microphone right here so many people do not know this but it’s not bad it’s a little quiet so it’s not really like ideal podcasting mic but hey it’s better than nothing if you don’t want to spend any money you might have a pair of earbuds with microphone in them so give those a shot and then this microphone right here is really the state-of-the-art best of the best microphone that you could get for a podcast I just bought it for voiceovers from my videos but I haven’t really figured out how to use it yet to be honest and I think I need to buy an extra thing for it to work so this is the shure sm7b and it’s only $400 I mean $400 is still a lot of money still though that’s so much less than the camera that I’m using to shoot this on so even if you want to go all-in and buy the nicest stuff it’s still less than like an OK camera I don’t really think

this one’s necessary though when you’re just starting a podcast like you can definitely get by on a blue Yeti probably most people don’t even notice the sound quality difference from the blue and this it’s really only like the people that are in it and like really paying attention to that okay I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked these breakdowns of how much different I guess Internet platforms can make I have a few videos of how much youtubers make so I’ll link those down below you can go ahead and check them out you can see exactly how much I’ve made on Adsense I also want to say a huge thank you to Jordan and Gretchen and Katie for being in this video I literally could not make this video without you guys like what would I do guess how much people make from podcasts so if you’re looking for more podcasts to listen to definitely go check them out I think work is a great one for anyone who’s not sure what they want to do as a career Gretchen’s podcast is just a fun listen I think really relatable for any girl in their 20s and
Katie’s podcasts is really perfect for anyone that’s interested in moving to New York or what it’s like to live in New York what it’s like to date in New York like anything like that should I start my own podcast now so we can do a breakdown and see exactly how much like full-on analytics and everything you know maybe stay tuned let me know if you would listen so that’s gonna be it for this video comment below if you guys know anything else about how the podcasting world works or if you have any questions and I will see you guys next Saturday bye


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