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what’s up you guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today’s video was one that I’ve been planning for a really long time and I’m super excited about it because today I’m gonna teach you how to scale your freelance blogging business to five thousand dollars a month even if you are starting as a total beginner at zero and look this is not something that’s gonna happen by tomorrow or next week or probably not even by next month because let’s be honest anyone who says you can do this overnight is a straight-up liar but this is actually something you can do within a timeframe of about four to six months realistically I’m saying this because I personally scaled my own freelance blogging business to $5,000 a month with in about four months of getting fired from my shitty soul-sucking full-time job so today you’re gonna learn that exact five-step process that I use to build my business even though I was a clueless terrified college dropout before you get started as always be sure to hit that like button if you enjoy this video because it really does help

my channel out and subscribe for more videos about real ants writing I’ll go ahead and share my screen with you and also the link to the blog post we’re looking at today above my head and below in the description box and we will go ahead and get started so here we are at the blog post about how to make 5k a month freelance blogging as a beginner and step 1 is you gotta understand the math behind a five thousand dollar a month and price your work and plan your marketing strategy accordingly long story short set an income goal which you’ve probably already done since you’re watching this five thousand dollars a month and then you’ve got to work backwards to plan how you are going to be able to hit that goal realistically and when I teach this approach I just straight-up call it working backwards this is something that is key to your success as a freelance writer because if you don’t have a goal that you’re working around and working backwards from you end up aimless you end up doing like just randomly tweeting or posting on Instagram and getting no results and no clients I don’t want that to happen to you which

is why you’ve got to ask yourself questions like these how many blog posts do I need to write per month to hit $5,000 and how much do I need to charge per post to do that what do I need to do during month to have a $5,000 month six and that’s of course specifically if you’re trying to scale to 5k month within six months and then how can I grow my blogging skills quickly and level of my income by raising my rates fast because here’s the thing about raising your race and getting to that 5k point it’s not about putting in a certain amount of years or having some crazy network or college degree it’s about you and your commitment to taking action and grow in your skill set which is something you can do very quickly like I said I did that in a matter of four months so it’s really up to you how quickly you’re gonna be able to do it now look I know if you’re like me you’re probably more of a words person that a math type of person but this is really important stuff so let me break it down a little bit further for you if you’re making five cents per word first of all that’s really shitty and you need to take

yourself off of work or whatever content mill you’re working on because you’re not gonna get to 5k a month doing that and here’s why say you’re making five cents per word and you’re writing 2,000 word blog posts so you’re making $100 per long-ass blog post two thousand words that is a lot of writing it’s gonna take you a lot of time that would mean that at five cents per word you’re gonna have to write 50 blog posts in a single month to make $5,000 that month at that rate so there are only about 20 business days in a month meaning that’s gonna be one shitty month so basically you’ve got to write 50 blog posts in a single month that’s more than one per day with no weekends off and these are long blog posts and you’ve got to figure in time for the admin work you need to do like invoicing getting on client calls all those other things that aren’t writing that come with running a business and I’ve broken that down further in this little graphic right here you need to start thinking about it

like this if you only charge $50 per project you’ve got to do 100 projects three projects per day with no weekends off but if you move on up here and you’re charging 300 to $500 per blog post that’s great you only have to do 10 to about 17 projects per month at that rate so you will have extra time to do that admin work without working yourself to the ground so there are gonna be a lot of variables and not all your projects are gonna pay the same and all that kind of stuff but you absolutely must know at least at a very basic level how much you want to make per month so 5000 dollars per month and then work backwards sit down and take the ten minutes to do the math to see how many blog posts you need to write at X rate to hit five thousand dollars in a single month and once you know that you can start thinking okay well which topics are gonna pay that well which type of clients are going to pay me that amount of money that I need to get to 5k a month and that of course brings us to our next point which is step two pick a profitable freelance blogging niche and

make it your that’s right my friend you do not want to be a generalist writer and here’s why high paying clients want to work with specialists not generalists this is a psychology backed thing it applies in all kinds of areas of life for example when I went to go get my hair done recently I didn’t go to just any hair salon I didn’t pick just any hair stylist I specifically picked someone who specialized in weird hair colors because obviously my hair is purple and I was willing to pay very well for that type of specialization cuz I don’t have time to be walking around with up hair so high paying clients are gonna think the same way if they’re paying you really well to do something they’re doing that because they know that you specialize and that builds trust with them let me tell you and this is very important probably one of the most important things I’ll say in this entire video so listen up if you’re zoning out a little bit the way you build trust with clients when you are first starting out and you have no degree no experience

no samples no testimonials is by going all in on your niche all in on that specialization and marketing yourself accordingly so like I’ve said here all of my student success stories for my best-selling course killer cold emailing which I will go ahead and link above and down below in the description box as usual use this niche marketing strategy this is not a coincidence at all so now you’re probably wondering well how can I pick a niche how do I know what to choose maybe you don’t have a lot of work experience or you’re not confident in the you’ve been considering but that’s okay we’re gonna break down the process right now with this beautiful little graphic so your perfect relents writing niche is something you know about or something you can learn about some knowledge it’s something you’re interested in and or would enjoy writing about and it’s something profitable meaning a specific target client should be willing to pay you well for your work so all these things are pretty straightforward but I do want to say again with knowledge it

can be something that you just are interested in and want to learn about Google can be your best friend you’re a writer so you’re probably a really good researcher – I have written about everything from real estate to education technology to ultrasound repair things that I knew absolutely nothing about when I started but I was still able to write about those things get paid well to do it because I put in that research and I was marketing myself the correct way so don’t let a lack of knowledge or experience hold you back and then with interest at least choose a topic that doesn’t make you want to tear your eyes out of your head you may not love it but you at least want to like it and then you can always change your initial ATAR to something you like more or start out a niche that you’re more passionate about totally up to you now with profitability you’ve got to remember you’re running a business not a charity so you’ve got to charge accordingly and with profitability you really want to think about okay this is the clientele that I’m targeting in this niche industry can they afford to pay me well the way you figure that out is by thinking about these two things right here does this client value blogging in

other words you’re not having to tell them why blogging is so great they already know it’s great they already value it and there to get ROI from it and do they have a good sized content marketing budget you’ve got to think about how your client makes money if your client is brokest you’re gonna be broke as working for them so you really have to think about that before you start targeting that brokest clientele and again that really important point I talked about clients have to trust you before they will hire you the way you build trust when you are a total beginner is by going all-in on a niche and being the perfect fit for that one type of client so I know a lot of writers have questions about niching down if that is you go ahead and drop your question below in the comments right now I will answer as many as I possibly can and do my best help well and we’ll get you started in a profitable freelance writing niche so you don’t waste any time already on to step three which is set up a professional writer website that markets your freelance blogging niche so I got to say a lot of writers get this step

all wrong they’re still an employee mode and I’ve been guilty of this myself when I started out you put up a resume you put up a Content Lee portfolio or your tumblr site that is not enough to impress professional clients and help you build a long-term sustainable brand and business you need a professional freelance writer website ww-what ever the hell your business is called or your name or whatever dot-com a custom domain and a professional niche optimized website so I gotta throw this quick shameless self promo in here because it’s gonna help you out a lot – I do have a Bluehost affiliate link you can use and I’ll link it above my head right now and below in the description box you can use that to get a free domain and a really nice discount on your website hosting now I do get a commission when you use my link but it doesn’t cost you anything extra and I only recommend Bluehost because that is what I personally use I would never recommend anything that I did not stand behind and believe in so go ahead and click that link and get your free domain and get your hosting discount you don’t even have to know what your website

domain is gonna be R what your business is gonna be called but if you click that link you can go ahead and claim that discount so that when you are ready you’re not paying that extra money you can get that free domain and that discount on your hosting okay so back to your website you gotta have a custom domain and your website should position you as a business owner and a niche specialist that means leaving out about poetry and how much you love writing and all that stuff clients really frankly do not care about you’ve got to focus on your clients needs and how your blogging services will help them grow their business instead here’s the thing clients care about one thing when they hire you it’s not words it’s not ours it’s how you are going to help their business make money with the blog posts that you’re writing for them you got to get that through your head and think about it throughout your marketing strategy because that is seriously going to be the key to your mindset shifting from oh I’m just an employee and I how to market myself – no I’m a business owner and I know how to help my clients I know what they are looking for from me

and you especially got to think about this when you’re writing your website copy for your professional writing portfolio I have a complete tutorial on how to get that set up so I will link that above my head right now it is extremely in-depth with loads of examples so click that link if you don’t have a portfolio and commit to a date to get that set up by something you can do within a day or maybe you want to space it out over a week but at least that’s progress slow progress is better than no progress but you’ve got a start if you want to get it done so go ahead and click that link now and I will throw that link down in the description box below as well on to step four which is to start pitching and marketing yourself as a freelance blogger so let me stop right here for a second and tell you a bit of a harsh truth you gotta stop wasting your time on up work and fiber and content mills because those sites are not getting you anywhere stop thinking about freelance writing in the terms of looking for jobs and start thinking about it in the terms of building a business and landing high-paying clients if you all want to hear me rant about upwork and why it sucks so much I’ll throw a link to that

fun video above right now and you can go check it out but yeah basically you want to focus on pitching and cold emailing not shitty content mills and platforms pitching and cold emailing landed me over $800 in freelance writing gigs just the first month I tried it so I literally got fired from my full-time job that next month made $800 from freelance writing just from pitching and cold emailing no up work no fiber and no like that I went on to have my first $5,000 a month just four months after getting fired thanks mostly to my pitching and cold emailing skills not saying that to brag I’m saying it so you know what it’s possible for you if you get serious about treating freelance blogging like a business so if you’re not really familiar with cold emailing it’s pretty straightforward it just means you send a tailored and high-quality email introducing yourself and your services to a target client in your niche so for example if you’re an IT and Technology white paper writer you find a target client in that niche find their email address and you introduce yourself and ideally that conversation

results in you getting hired but you got to keep in mind that this is not mean firing off the same shitty templates anyone and everyone you’re gonna fail if you do that and you’re also gonna fail if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy to support your cold emails and by that I mean this stuff like picking a niche having a professional custom domain portfolio things like that to support your cold emailing strategy you’ve got to have that in place before you start pitching this is exactly what I teach in my course and I actually have a totally free class that over six thousand writers have taken that will teach you this process more specifically and it goes a little bit more in-depth on how to do it so if you’re following along in the blog post you’ll see that highlighted right here in yellow if you’re not in you’re here with me in the video I will throw the link above my head and down below in the description box and in the pin comment so you just can’t miss it okay let’s move on to step five so we’ve got a marketing strategy set up we’ve started pitching we’ve got a website now we need to grow our blogging skills and learn how to write blog posts that get results for freelance blogging clients so yeah

basically we’ve talked about the marketing side of it but what about the blogging what about the actual writing process well I’m gonna tell you what you can’t do if you’re trying to build a 5k a month freelance blogging business and get really good high-paying clients you can’t approach blogging like you’re writing a college essay or a novel or poetry or anything like that you’ve got to approach it like a business blogger from a marketing perspective and like I’ve said here you can be the best damn writer in the world but if you don’t know how to specifically write blog posts that get business results for your clients you are screwed there’s a big difference between someone who is a good writer and someone who is good at business blogging you’re already a good writer I’m assuming because you’re here watching this video but now you’ve got to make that shift into being an amazing business blogger who can drive results for clients because again that’s what high paying clients want not words not ours but the business results of those words and hours you gotta have a lot more than just grammar and spelling knowledge you need to know things like

blog post structure and formatting how to get sales and conversions with blog posts basic SEO which by the way I do have a free resource for that that will show you exactly where your keywords need to go I’ll throw that above my head and down in the description box you also gotta know how create amazing headlines that drive traffic how to come up with the best blog post topics in the industry and more basically it just all comes down to writing blog posts from a marketing perspective so if you’re watching this you don’t feel super confident in your blog post writing skills maybe you’re asking yourself stuff like who actually pays that much for blog posts how do I even know what my blog posts are worth and there is no way I could send a quote for anything over $50 that’s just too scary well if you can relate to any of that I want to let you know I have a totally new course that just launched and it is called yeah freelance vlogging this course is your key to fearlessly charging 200 or 400 dollars per blog post and getting your blog post writing skills up to par so you can get results for your clients and it’s based

on my own experience writing blog posts having blog posts go viral having blog posts getting tweeted out by influencers on Twitter working with really awesome clients getting guest posting opportunities on major websites all kinds of results I’ve gotten with my blogging and you will learn my exact blogging process in this course so if you’re ready to start learning click the link above my head right now to learn more about the ya freelance blogging course as of the day this video is getting posted this course actually just came out not too long ago so it is new and I’m super excited about it so check it out at the link and let me know below in the comments if you decide to join so I can congratulate you and welcome you to the course and that is all for this video my friend I really hope you enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button because it really helps my channel out and subscribe for more videos about freelancing and blogging and making money online as always thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video


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